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LSI Nytro MegaRAID 8140-8e8i

LSI has recently released the Nytro MegaRAID (NMR) 8140-8e8i, the latest generation of the company’s PCIe flash acceleration cards for direct-attached storage (DAS). Like the previous NMR versions, this product integrates PCIe flash, caching software and LSI’s MegaRAID technology into

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Sharable DAS and Cluster in a Box – Big Solutions for Small Companies

At LSI’s Accelerating Innovation Summit last week in San Jose the CEO’s keynote began with a somewhat futuristic video showing several scenarios that could have been episodes of the current “Person of Interest” television show. People were connected to big

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Innovation plus Longevity Wins in the Web-scale Market

At LSI’s Accelerating Innovation Summit (AIS) this year, someone brought up a blog I’d written after a previous AIS event where an LSI executive said they had a RAID stack that was 25 years old. What popped into my mind

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Is it Time for Hybrid SSD RAID Controllers?

Server side SSD caching solutions are popular implementation choices for performance upgrades because they allow users to put the performance right where it’s needed, in the application server itself. For many of these use cases, a direct attached disk array

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As an SSD Supplier, LSI isn’t just a Flash in the Pan

Flash technologies are certainly a hot topic in storage and IT these days. A lot of new companies are coming onto the market with exciting new products. There’s one company that’s somewhat of a fixture in the storage industry but

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