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Innovation plus Longevity Wins in the Web-scale Market

At LSI’s Accelerating Innovation Summit (AIS) this year, someone brought up a blog I’d written after a previous AIS event where an LSI executive said they had a RAID stack that was 25 years old. What popped into my mind

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Akitio Neutrino Thunder Duo Test Drive

It seems like it took forever but thunderbolt enclosures are finally coming to market. One of the first ones we have had a chance to get our hands on is the Akitio Neutrino Thunder Duo. This dual drive unit allows

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Video Review of Sonnet Tempo And Samsung 840 Pro SSD

Next up in our lab is a review of the Sonnet Tempo PCIe SSD Card and the Samsung 840 Pro SSD. Once again we leveraged the OWC Helios as part of the test exchanging the OWC Accelsior with the Samsung

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Are All PCIe SSDs Created Equal?

One of the more popular approaches to implementing solid state disks (SSDs) is to implement the flash memory on a PCIe card, which is installed directly into a server. This places the high performance storage directly at the point of

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SSD DIMM – An Alternative to PCIe SSD

PCIe Solid State Disks (SSDs) have become extremely popular in a very short amount of time. They provide uncomplicated access to high performance storage, allowing latency problems to be solved where the application is run – on the server. And,

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Visualizing SSD Readiness

For many enterprises, Solid State Disks (SSD) should no longer be a future consideration and they are visualizing SSD at work in their data center. Many environments can take advantage of SSD right now and the organization can benefit from

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