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Storage News and Insight for the week of 3-28 – Podcast

George Crump and Eric Slack join me on this week’s News and Insights podcast from Storage Switzerland. Links to items we discussed in this week’s news and insights podcast: Hedvig brings software defined storage into focus OCZ Intrepid 3700 2

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New Non-Volatile Memory Technology lowers cost of production

Contour Semiconductor is developing a new non-volatile memory that leverages Phase Change Memory (PCM) technology and some other innovations to simplify the design process and provide better performance and endurance. Diode Transistor Memory Contour’s Diode Transistor Memory (DTM) technology uses

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Break out of the NetApp jail – Podcast

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NetApp is great, but it can get pricey. David Cerf of Crossroads and Storage Switzerland Lead Analyst George Crump talk with me about how you can set your budget free by breaking out of the NetApp capacity jail. Click here to

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ChalkTalk Video – Bridging the Gap between Consumer and Enterprise SSDs

The SAS/SATA SSD market has evolved into two main groups; drives built for enterprise storage systems and those designed for consumers’ PCs and laptops. But SSDs are also being put into servers for application acceleration and faster boot up, a

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ChalkTalk Video: SSD Trends in 2014 – Flash moves from Option to Requirement

For most companies that are considering flash-based SSDs it’s no longer a question of whether they’ll implement solid state drives, but when and how. In this video George Crump, Lead Analyst From Storage Switzerland and Micron’s Sr. Manager of Enterprise

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Webinar Preview: Picking the right SSD for the job – Podcast

Micron’s Doug Rollins and Storage Switzerland Senior Analyst Eric Slack talk about SSD and how to pick the right SSD for a specific job in your data center. This is a preview of a webinar coming up on May 14

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What to look for in flash accelerated software – Podcast

Are solutions that cluster server-side Flash and RAM a good thing for businesses that want to accelerate all storage IO workloads (read & write) while improving performance reliability? We’ll talk about that with Pernix Data. Read Colm’s Article, Choosing the Right Flash

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