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Understanding Gartner’s Object Storage Quadrant

Analyst firm Gartner released its latest version of its Magic Quadrant for object storage that attempts to rank and organize the distributed file system and object storage system market. Instead, it really creates more questions and confusion instead of providing

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Distributed Storage Goes Mainstream

Distributed storage offers more capability than traditional scale-out solutions. They scale further, are more granular and have a better multi-site/multi-cloud model. But distributed systems are typically viewed as the storage system for the next generation data center, and while they

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StorageShort: Is Your DR Site A Single Point of Failure?

One of the most overlooked aspects of a disaster recovery strategy is making sure that data is being protected while you are at the DR site. In a classic primary to DR site replication strategy, a primary data center failure

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Are Snapshots and Replication Enough for VMware DR?

Most of the environment in a majority of data centers is now virtualized, often using VMware as the primary hypervisor. These organizations have also virtualized mission critical applications which need to be recovered quickly in the event of a disaster.

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What to expect from your VMware Storage

VMware changed the data center so much that it is hard to imagine a world without virtualization. One challenge for VMware customers (still) – as well as customers of other hypervisors – is storage technology hasn’t always kept pace with

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Podcast: Scale-out NAS vs. Distributed Storage

They seem to solve the same problem – meeting the constantly growing performance and capacity demands of the enterprise. But Scale-out NAS and Distributed Storage are different. Join our next LIVE podcast to learn what Scale-out NAS and Distributed Storage

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Is Your VMware Storage Slacking?

As VMware began its march into production, IT managers discovered the need for a storage area network (SAN) for the organization to fully tap into its potential. The available SANs at the time were difficult and not really VMware ready.

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