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Complexity is Killing Secondary Storage

Most organizations only use their secondary storage infrastructure as protection storage. In some cases, this is because the secondary storage hardware only supports the backup use case. Even if the organization selects more flexible secondary storage hardware, it still primarily

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Automating Hybrid Cloud

Creating a hybrid cloud is much harder than organizations expect. Cloud infrastructures run different hypervisors than on-premises, which means it’s necessary to transform the workloads before they can run in the cloud, and then transform them back if the organization

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Protecting the Other Door – Application Vulnerabilities

Ransomware gets a lot of attention from IT professionals and data protection vendors alike. Ransomware however, is only one door that bad actors can use to compromise the data center. Another door is application or operating system vulnerability. While several

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ChalkTalk Video: Managing Secondary Data Globally

Secondary data continues to grow at an unprecedented pace and organizations are increasingly using that data for purposes beyond backup and archive. IT needs a way to visualize, manage and take action on their secondary data and applications. Organizations also

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No Room in the Data Center – Secondary Storage Needs Cloud Integration – Cohesity Briefing Note

Most data growth in the enterprise is happening because of secondary storage use cases like backup, archive, and data re-use for test/dev or analytics (also known as copy data). In most cases, the capacity of secondary data is 10 to

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Understanding Gartner’s Object Storage Quadrant

Analyst firm Gartner released its latest version of its Magic Quadrant for object storage that attempts to rank and organize the distributed file system and object storage system market. Instead, it really creates more questions and confusion instead of providing

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How Are Backup Software Products Responding to Ransomware?

Backup software products are starting to adopt anti-ransomware features – and that’s a good thing. Ransomware has clearly expanded beyond consumers and is regularly attacking businesses and government entities. But not every backup company is convinced this is a problem

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Amazon re:Invent: Cohesity Briefing – Modernizing Secondary Storage

While the industry places a lot of attention on all-flash arrays, for the most part these systems only service a small portion of data center capacity – the most active data. Secondary storage stores, or at least should store, the

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Storage Insights for 6 – 19 The Rise Of Secondary Storage

The secondary storage market is bringing in a lot of cash. Companies like Hedvig, Cohesity and Rubrik are getting a lot of investors. George Crump and Charlie Hodges talk about the emerging secondary storage market and why it’s becoming a

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