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Meet The CEO of Violin Systems

Ebrahim Abbasi is a turnaround specialist. That is exactly what fit the need of Violin Systems; a turnaround. He was hired prior to Violin’s sale of assets to Quantum Strategic Partners (QSP) and guided it through that period. Now, Violin

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Three Steps To Ending The Data Protection Nightmare

Recent surveys indicate that over 50% of organizations feel their data protection processes can’t be counted on for consistent, rapid recovery of data. Instead of trying to band-aid the problem, IT needs to develop a holistic strategy. In this “Steak

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Podcast: Is Cloud Storage the Perfect Archive?

IT has a lot of questions about archiving. Is it really worth it? What should I use for archive storage? Will users embrace it? In our latest video podcast, Storage Switzerland Senior Analyst George Crump and I sit down with

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Podcast: Saving Through Archive?

Archiving is a lot more than buying an object storage system and putting old files on it. There are a lot of things to consider before creating an archiving strategy. How do you archive? What are the best practices? Do

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Should Experts Convince You to Pay for Ransomware?

I may be an analyst for Storage Swiss now, but for 30 years I’ve also been in the news business. So with the emergence of “WannaCry” I’m seeing my two worlds collide. And it’s no surprise it’s over ransomware. We’ve

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SlideShare: Preserve, Distribute and Deliver – M&E’s Three Biggest Data Challenges

The world of Media and Entertainment (M&E) is constantly changing and those changes impact M&E IT. The challenges M&E IT professionals face are far greater than the obvious problem of increasing data and file size. Certainly, building storage infrastructures designed

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Webinar: The Always-on Enterprise Requires New Service Level Objectives

The Always-on Enterprise is a data center that faced with even the most severe disaster can return applications to full working order in a matter of minutes. Service level objectives (SLOs) are the means by which IT and the organization

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