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Calculating the ROI of Data Protection Service Level Objective

Most data centers try to create a “best efforts” data protection strategy which treats all data and applications equally. Typically the organization uses one backup application, a single backup target device and replicates all data to a secondary site or

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What’s The Best Way To Rapidly Recover Data?

There are more methods to recover data than ever. It used to be that recovery meant loading a tape drive, scanning the whole tape to find the job that had the needed data, extracting that data from the job and

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How To Create an Always Predictable Data Center

The modern data center must not only be predictable for normal production operations but also in failed state situations. An “Always Predictable” storage architecture is key to enabling IT to meet the various service levels the organization requires. The Predictable

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Is There Value in Converged Data Protection?

The idea of a single platform offering computing, network, and storage services with integrated data protection sounds almost utopian. What could be better than all aspects of computing already built into the system that you buy? Systems integrating functions like

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How to Avoid DRaaS Lock-in with Hybrid Cloud

Open or software defined solutions promise flexibility and prevent organizations from falling into vendor lock-in. That is until it comes to disaster recovery (DR); especially DRaaS (disaster recovery as a service). Many DRaaS solutions lock the organization into a single

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