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MeetTheCEO: Actifio’s Ash Ashutosh

Enterprises are dealing with a constant tide of copy data sprawl. More copies are being created to serve secondary business processes like analytics, test and development, and frequently with limited oversight or governance from IT. Meanwhile, regulations like the European

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What the Enterprise Needs in SaaS Data Protection

Secondary storage is quickly consuming the data center and becoming too complex to manage. The copy data stored on those secondary systems is distributed across multiple enterprise and cloud storage locations. The secondary data set is being used for a

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Rethinking the Role of Enterprise Data Protection – IBM Briefing Note

Enterprise backup is at times a behemoth. While it does provide the data center a foundational level of protection, the solutions tend to be slow to adopt new environments and too heavy-handed to solve specific feature requests. As a result,

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ChalkTalk Video: What is Cloud Based Copy Data Management?

Cloud based copy data management (CDM) has the potential to extract even more value from copy data than does conventional CDM solutions. Copy data is the copies of production data used to feed various other processes in the data center

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Improving Data Protection with Data Virtualization – Actifio Briefing Note

Anyone in IT these days is painfully aware of the challenge organizations face dealing with ever-increasing amounts of data they need to properly store and protect. The irony is that the majority of data growth is not just the new

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The value of Global Primary Storage Deduplication

Standard deduplication is the elimination of redundant data on a single storage system. Whether that system is used for backup or primary data, the goal is to put as much data as possible on a single storage system so that

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Overcoming the Challenges of Snapshot Data Protection

In February Storage Switzerland held two webinars that used similar techniques to address an age old problem: data protection. Both of these webinars asked primary storage to take a larger role in its own protection. One webinar discussed using snapshots

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StorageShort: Copy Data Methods

2015 is going to be a big year for Copy Data. We expect every major data protection vendor to release some form of copy data management solution to the market this year. But vendors will take different approaches to deliver

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StorageShort: Why is Copy Data a Problem?

Copy Data is a term used to describe additional copies of production data that are created to feed other processes in the organization. Functions like backup, disaster recovery, development, test as well as reporting and analytics all need copies of

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