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Rethinking the Role of Enterprise Data Protection – IBM Briefing Note

Enterprise backup is at times a behemoth. While it does provide the data center a foundational level of protection, the solutions tend to be slow to adopt new environments and too heavy-handed to solve specific feature requests. As a result,

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Making Virtual Cloud Backup Easy with Datto – Podcast

Cloud integrated backup and DR is getting a lot of attention from IT planners. It can help organizations improve recoverability without having to incur the cost of building out dedicated DR datacenter infrastructure. But are some of these offerings so

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What is your biggest backup challenge? – Podcast

Storage Switzerland’s webinars produce interesting results from the poll questions we ask. For example we asked “what is your biggest backup challenge” during a webinar with Scott Baker, Director of Enterprise Data Protection from HP and Storage Switzerland Lead Analyst George Crump.

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DR is more than recovering data – Podcast

There’s more to data recovery than just getting access to your data. George Crump and I recently got with Jennifer Gill of Zerto to talk about DR in this edition of the Storage Podcast. Click Here To Sign Up For

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What to Expect from Next Gen Data Protection Solutions – Podcast

Data is changing. Not only is it growing, but it is becoming more valuable. That means backup and recovery is becoming more important. Scott Baker from HP’s Data Protection Division and Storage Switzerland founder George Crump join me to talk

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The IRS’ lost emails – bad procedure or bad lie?

The recent news that the IRS “lost” Lois Lerner’s e-mails has been making headlines in the news media, but not so much in data protection circles. That may be because any data protection expert knows that this claim simply makes

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Automated Virtual Machine Data Recovery

Veeam Provides Sneak Peek Into Version 8 Protecting data via point-in-time snapshots may be easy to setup and configure but performing a VM based recovery off this data is typically layered with lots of manual and time consuming steps. Not

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