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Why do Hyper-V Backups Waste Space?

There are too many traditional backup products trying to tackle a nontraditional backup problem. As a result, they continue to use some of the old world backup techniques in the very new world of IT. These techniques waste storage space,

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Proof Point – Snapshots Replaces Backup – How One Customer Solved Their Company’s Backup Problems

Grand River Conservation Authority is a Canadian watershed management agency, similar to the Tennessee Valley Authority in the US. They’re responsible for an area the size of Delaware with a population of almost 1 million people. GRCA has 150 FT

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Is Traditional Backup Obsolete?

As we will discuss in our upcoming webinar, creating a second copy in order to protect important data is becoming increasingly inefficient, a fact driven home by the relentless growth of ‘copy’ data in companies of all sizes. Setting up

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Developing a Service Oriented Approach to Data Protection

There is a never ending quest by IT professionals to standardize the data center on a single enterprise backup application. It’s time for companies to re-think that approach, by instead looking at providing backup for their services, instead of foisting

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