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ChalkTalk Video: Preparing for Disaster

The pace of data center change is also changing disaster recovery. What once was a planned for and a well-documented process is now more of an ad-hoc fire drill. When disaster strikes, IT scrambles to recover everything as fast as

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What is Tape as a Service?

Tape should be a critical component of every data center. As a medium, it is cost effective and easy to transport. It also provides diversity as an offline alternative media choice to hard disk based technology. The problem is that

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White Paper: How to Reduce Secondary Storage Infrastructure Size and Cost

Secondary storage does more than just store backups. It also serves as storage for archive data, IoT data and support copy data use cases like test development and reporting. As a result, the infrastructure requirements for secondary data have grown

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What Type of Cloud Provider Do You Need?

IT’s impression of the cloud has evolved over the past few years. Most IT professionals see the cloud not as a competitor but as another tool in the IT toolbox. Like any other tool, when used in the right circumstances

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Mergers and Data Protection – The Cost of Doing Nothing

One of the most significant challenges when two organizations merge is what to do with the data protection process. In all likelihood, before the merger, each organization had its data protection practices and policy. The overwhelming tendency is to do

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Live Webinar: How to Create a Disaster Recovery (DR) Plan that Actually Works

Disaster Recovery plans have always been hard to create and maintain in part because it is difficult to meet the service levels that those plans promise. With recent trends like GDPR and ransomware threats, it is even more difficult for

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