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What Are Immutable Backups

Backup software vendors insist on making backup data immutable, so IT professionals are now asking what are immutable backups. Securing backup data is critical since bad actors know the organization will count on their backups to recover encrypted files and

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Will DRaaS Solve the Cloud Backup Storage Problem?

When looking at the cloud as a backup alternative, IT professionals need to consider if DRaaS solves the cloud backup problem of recovering from a disaster or ransomware attack. Disaster Recovery as a Service (DRaaS) enables you to instantiate your

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Three Reasons You Need Standby Storage

There are three reasons you need standby storage. First, it provides the best way to recover from a ransomware attack. Second, it enables you to recover from a hard failure of your production storage systems. Third, it provides you with

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Lightboard Video: How to Lower the Cost of Backup Infrastructure

The cost to store backups on-premises is already a significant expense for data centers to endure and the rapid growth in unstructured data is pushing budgets to the breaking point. Cloud Storage, because of its low cost and infinite scalability,

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Take “Create DR Plan” OFF of Your 2020 Project Goals

If disaster strikes, the purpose of a disaster recovery plan (DRP) is to guide the available IT personnel through the process of recovering the data center, either at an alternate site owned by the company or a facility owned by

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Amazon EC2 Workloads Need Availability and Backup

There is a difference between availability and backup. Providing a workload with high availability means that if a component of the infrastructure fails, adequate measures are in place to ensure that the use of the workload continues with little or

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Purpose-Built Backup is Not Just About Look and Feel

Purpose-built backup is backup software designed to protect a specific application, environment, or data set. An example of a purpose-built backup solution is HYCU Software’s Backup and Recovery, which initially focused on protecting Nutanix Acropolis, expanded to cover VMware ESX,

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Purpose-Built versus Consolidated Backup

The number of data protection applications designed to back up a specific application or environment is increasing dramatically. These purpose-built backup applications have an almost unfair advantage over legacy solutions and customers seem more than willing to deal with the

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New White Paper: Simplifying Multi-Cloud Data Protection

Organizations are already multi-cloud. They almost always have an on-premises cloud that leverages virtualization like VMware or Nutanix AHV. They also typically have some cloud-native applications or have the desire to migrate some applications to the cloud. Data protection continues

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Wolves in Sheep’s Clothing? Beware of Backup Software Claiming to provide Cloud Data Management

Organizations are already multi-cloud. They often have a cloud-like infrastructure on-premises like VMware or Nutanix. They may also have cloud-native applications based on SQL, SAP HANA or PostgreSQL. Even if the organization doesn’t have a cloud-native application, they may want

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