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Minimize VMware TCO Triggers

When looking for a VMware alternative, you need to move beyond low prices and look for a solution to minimize VMware TCO triggers. VMware Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) triggers are challenges or needs that come up during the use

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Whiteboard Video: The Advantages of Migrating Tape Technologies

Migrating from one generation to another generation of tape technology may seem like a difficult task. In practice, though, tape migration is relatively straightforward and provides tremendous ROI thanks to each generation’s increase in performance and capacity. In this Whiteboard

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Lightboard Video: How to Lower the Cost of Backup Infrastructure

The cost to store backups on-premises is already a significant expense for data centers to endure and the rapid growth in unstructured data is pushing budgets to the breaking point. Cloud Storage, because of its low cost and infinite scalability,

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The Time is Now for File Virtualization

One part of File Virtualization is a global file system that abstracts the physical location of data from the logical directory structure. Even though data may move between physical file servers or network-attached storage (NAS) systems, users continue to access

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Data Management as a Service – Igneous Briefing Note

Data management is a project that many IT professionals and application owners feel they are too busy or don’t have enough expertise to undertake. Most data management tasks are big projects that take a lot of planning and continuous care

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Reducing the High Cost of Data Management

Data Management is the process of ensuring data is on the right storage tier at just the right time. IT professionals that run the data management process are trying to strike a balance between saving the organization money by eliminating

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For All-Flash Performance, Hardware vs. Media

In recent years the industry has seen the evolution of flash media from Serial Attached SCSI (SAS) and Serial Advanced Technology Attachment (SATA) based interconnects to Peripheral Component Interconnect Express (PCIe) based interconnects. And now, PCIe interconnect is standardized around

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Is it Time for Application-Focused Storage?

Service level agreements (SLAs) for application availability for business continuity, and for performance, are more demanding than ever before. Each application often has specific SLA requirements, which results in multi-vendor, heterogeneous IT infrastructures that are challenging to manage. As a

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NAKIVO 8.5 Briefing Note

Protecting VMs in a Multi-Hypervisor World In most organizations, day-to-day applications run in a virtual machine on a hypervisor. VMware tends to be the most common hypervisor in use with Hyper-V quickly gaining ground. However, a new hypervisor from Nutanix,

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Democratizing NVMe and Public Cloud Replication – IBM Storage Briefing Note

Businesses large and small are looking to tap the performance acceleration of flash storage to be able to compete more effectively. The problem is that these solutions frequently come with a premium price tag  – especially as non-volatile memory express

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