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How to Stop Ransomware Before The Damage Is Done

NTP Software Defendex™ Product Analysis Ransomware is, for good reason, top of mind right now. Most strategies under discussion now are actually responses, not analysis and elimination. And, because ransomware is such a profitable “business,” new versions will continue to

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ChalkTalk Video: WannaCry, Snowden, Wikileaks… Is Your Data Next?

When IT defenses are compromised, the organization faces one of two challenges. Either the data is encrypted by a ransomware attack or it is copied to the attacker’s servers. In the first case, assuming data protection is in place and

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What if Archive Storage Cost More Than Primary?

Even if archive storage was the same price as primary storage, you’d still want to archive. While most in IT look at archiving as a way to reduce the cost of primary storage there is a lot more to it

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How to Beat Your RPO and RTO without Recovery – Quest Briefing Note

Meeting strict RPOs and RTOs requires that data protection solutions provide IT administrators better monitoring and analytics, in addition to more frequent copies. Backup, snapshot and replication are reactive solutions, that IT rightly counts on to make sure they can

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SlideShare: How to Use Cloud Storage to Overcome The Three Challenges to ACTIVE Data Archiving

Any discussion on archiving data makes sense, on paper. Most data centers indicate that well over 85 percent of their data has not been used in 90 days or more. The potential capital savings by moving this near-active and old

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Why Should You Not Use Your Backup as an Archive?

All of us at storage Switzerland preach that backup and archive are two different practices, and have been for probably more than 20 years. But to see the results of a survey during one of our recent webinars, you would

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How To Survive 2017’s Flash Drought

“IT we have a problem, we are out of flash.” On several occasions flash NAND manufacturers are telling Storage Switzerland they are nearly sold-out of flash for the rest of the year. A lack of supply means flash storage prices

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