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Preparing for Recovery

Most of the time IT spends focusing on disaster recovery planning is actually spent on protection, making sure data is being copied to a secondary storage system and a secondary site either by backup or replication. Some advanced recovery planners

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Is There Life After Tape?

People have predicted the death of tape for a long time. But the facts are that it remains the most cost-effective, safest way to store data for long periods of time. Even when you figure in the cost of the

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How Do You Improve Your RTO?

Recovery Time Objective (RTO) is the time it takes to recover an application or server so users can login and get back to work. IT is under constant pressure to reduce this time. There are two broad methods you can

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Is it Time to De-Tape Your Archive?

Enterprises want more value from their archived data assets but tape doesn’t really enable the real-time archive that organizations need. The challenges is that any enterprise in existence for 10 years or longer more than likely has terabytes, even petabytes,

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Does Disk Based Backup Require Deduplication Anymore?

Hardware-based deduplication legitimized the concept of backing up to disk. But deduplication alone is no longer as important as it used to be. The problem with hardware-based duplication is the data must be transferred to the backup appliance prior to

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What Should you Expect from Disk Backup in 2017?

You need more than a network share and deduplication to stand out among the disk backup crowd in 2017. Things have come a long way since disk backup targets started appearing 17 years ago. The table stakes may still be

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ChalkTalk Video: Are You Fragmenting Your Cloud?

Most data centers today have multiple primary storage systems. Often, each one supports a specific platform or environment and each of these systems are either backed up or archived. The problem is most data centers’ cloud architectures are at least

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