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Time for a Storage SOFTWARE Refresh – StorONE Briefing Note

When the storage software becomes more efficient, the hardware it runs on suddenly loses the significance it once did. In other words, storage can then truly become software-defined. The problem is so-called software-defined vendors have to pre-configure their software on

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What is Cloud Adjacent Storage? – INFINIDAT Briefing Note

Cloud adjacent storage is storage positioned within close proximity to a data center owned by a cloud provider. It enables compute the cloud provider hosts to have high performance, low latent access to data across traditional storage protocols. The challenge

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What’s Next in All-Flash?

All-Flash Arrays, once thought of as the storage system for certain high performance use cases, are now the mainstream primary storage system. The best proof point of all-flash dominance comes from vendors that sell hard disk, hybrid (flash and hard

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The Impact of Extremely High Density SSD Drives – Viking Technology Briefing Note

The next generation of solid state drives (SSD) are coming to market. Some are focused on performance and are leveraging NVMe connectivity to reduce latency. Others are focused on extremely high capacity (50TBs+) and are designed for dense data center

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Integration Primary and Secondary Storage – Reduxio Briefing Note

In most data centers, there are two distinct types of storage. Primary storage to respond to the needs of performance demanding applications and secondary storage to maintain a backup and provide secondary copies of the primary storage. These two tiers

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Product Analysis – How Rubrik Handles Ransomware Recovery

A ransomware attack puts IT in a battle against the malware author. To the victor goes the data. Every organization needs a prevention strategy. It also must realize that at some point the virus will get through, and at that

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