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Taking Advantage of Object Stores Like EMC ECS – Right Now

Object storage is the storage methodology for the future of unstructured data and more. Next generation applications are able to write directly to object storage and take advantage of its sophisticated resource management capabilities. But enterprises have unstructured data problems

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Overcoming the Storage Challenges of Hyperscale Data Centers – Excelero Briefing Note

A hyperscale data center may have hundreds of instances of multiple applications. At any point in time one of these instances may peak and demand a much higher than normal amount of CPU and storage IO, starving other instances and

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How to Make DR Testing Less Painful

While every IT professional will admit that it is important, disaster recovery testing generally falls to the bottom of the IT to do list, right after root canal. But if testing is not a key component, the process of creating

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SlideShare: How to “Future Proof” Data Protection for Organizational Resilience

Users expectations of IT’s ability to return mission critical applications to production are higher than ever. These expectations are leading IT to abandon many of their backup and recovery solutions to try new, unproven solutions that may or may not

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ChalkTalk Video: Your DR Plan Needs Three Buckets

All applications are not the same but most organization treat them that way. The problem with treating all application equally is it increases the cost of your disaster recovery effort and, in most cases, decreases your ability to meet expectations.

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StorageShort: How To Classify Your Applications for DR

Storage Switzerland’s W. Curtis Preston suggests in a recent video the key to a successful DR plan is classifying your applications into recovery buckets or priorities. But how exactly do you determine which applications should go into which bucket? In

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