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Lightboard Video: Dealing with Multi-Cloud Data Management Complexity in 2020

This year, and for most of this decade, data centers will be dealing with the cloud, containers, and copy data. Using the public cloud is top of mind for every organization, but using the cloud intelligently and developing a strategy

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Disaster Recovery Workshop: Dealing with New Requirements, Expectations, and Threats

Disaster Recovery (DR) is changing, and DR plans need to change with it. Legislative bodies want companies to not only prove their ability to recover from a disaster, but they have specific guidelines as to how long that effort can

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Integrating On-Premises SDN with Cloud VPC

One of the best examples of software defined networking (SDN) in action is in the cloud. When organizations use compute and storage resources from Amazon, Google and Microsoft clouds they don’t get to go into those data centers and configure

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The State of the Software-Defined Data Center

The concept of the “software-defined data center” (SDDC) emerged around 2012, and since then the term has been adopted by nearly all vendors and heavily debated by analysts. While some argue that it is nothing more than a “marketecture,” and

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Dell Technologies World – The Dell Technologies Data Protection Strategy

Dell Technologies is evolving its data protection strategy to emphasize data management. As it does so, it is focusing its portfolio on being both “software-defined” (in that solutions may be deployed on-premises as stand-alone software or pre-integrated into an appliance),

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Cutting Through Multi-Cloud Complexity – Dell Technologies World Cloud Briefing Note

Multi-cloud is a necessity. To meet varying cost and privacy requirements, data and workloads must exist and be able to traverse across on-premises private clouds that exist in core and edge data centers, as well as externally hosted off-premises infrastructure-as-a-service

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What is Data Management?

A smart and holistic data management platform is the linchpin to enterprise competitiveness, but at this point in time, it remains largely a nirvana that storage managers are chasing. In this article, Storage Switzerland explains what constitutes data management, how

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Will the Operating System Kill SDS? – LINBIT Briefing Note

Software defined storage (SDS) continues to struggle for relevance in a crowded storage marketplace. While a few products are gaining a following, many more have either failed or been sold to other vendors. Additionally, now operating systems also pose a

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Next Generation Networks Need to Deploy Rapidly

The one constant in the modern data center is scale. IT professionals are continuously under pressure to add additional servers, virtual machines and containers. With those additions comes the demand for more storage capacity and more storage performance. The storage

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