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Take “Create DR Plan” OFF of Your 2020 Project Goals

If disaster strikes, the purpose of a disaster recovery plan (DRP) is to guide the available IT personnel through the process of recovering the data center, either at an alternate site owned by the company or a facility owned by

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The State of the Software-Defined Data Center

The concept of the “software-defined data center” (SDDC) emerged around 2012, and since then the term has been adopted by nearly all vendors and heavily debated by analysts. While some argue that it is nothing more than a “marketecture,” and

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Analyst Opinion – Time to End Cloud Egress Fees

One of the most common complaints from organizations that have moved at least some workloads to the cloud is the unpredictability of cloud billing, specifically as it relates to egress fees and transactional IO fees. Egress fees are the price

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Bringing Copy Data Management as a Service to Enterprises – Actifio GO SaaS Briefing Note

There is no doubt that production data is growing, but copy data is growing even faster. More data must be backed up as the stricter compliance landscape creates more comprehensive retention requirements, and copy data is being used to serve

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It is Time to Get Serious About Your Cloud Strategy – Zerto Briefing Note

Most organizations, if they are using cloud resources at all, are only using the cloud for a single purpose. The two most common use cases are backup storage and archive storage. Most organizations also look at the cloud as a

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Sometimes Cloud Bursting is Bad – Permabit Briefing Note

IT professionals use the phrase “cloud bursting” to describe a process where they move compute and storage to the cloud when the local data center runs out of those resources. But there is another type of bursting that happens to

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Build your DRaaS

DRaaS is the future of disaster recovery, but leveraging cloud backup may be an expensive way to implement it. Cloud replication, because it is operating on the working set, keeps cloud storage costs contained. The cloud replication software also enables organizations with an IT ready secondary site to leverage that site and create their own DRaaS. In either case, the organization is in control of when and how recovery happens. DRaaS built on replication also enables organizations to use the replication software to enable other cloud initiatives like bursting and test/dev. In this article Storage Switzerland explores the various methods to go about creating and implementing a DRaaS solution.

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Making Object Storage Simpler at Petabyte Scale with Intelligent Management

Organizations struggling to store and manage an ever rising flood of unstructured data turned to the cloud and object storage in order to contain or reduce costs. But, over time many of them discovered that increasing, recurring costs to store

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Tape vs Cloud for Archive and Cold Data

As my colleague, George Crump, discussed in a previous article, “What is Better than Cloud Storage for Cold Data”, cloud storage is great for processing active data but becomes increasingly expensive for storing cold data that is seldom accessed. While

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Filling the Provider Backup Gateway Gap

Artisan Infrastructure Briefing Note Artisan Infrastructure is a leading cloud infrastructure, management, and business continuity solutions provider. Its solutions enable cloud and hosting providers to migrate, manage and deliver continuously available cloud applications for their customers and suppliers. Artisan provides

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