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The State of Disaster Recovery Planning

Disaster Recovery Plans (DRP) are supposed to be an organization’s playbook if they need to recover critical data center operations after a disaster. The issue is that in most organizations, the DRP is outdated if it exists at all. Disaster

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What is a Recovery Capabilities Assessment?

Disaster recovery planning (DRP) is a long and arduous process. The process of creating and even updating a disaster recovery plan is the primary reason that most plans, if they exist, are woefully out of date. In the event of

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A Real-World Disaster Recovery Plan – Step 1 – DR Gap Analysis

Disaster Recovery Planning (DRP) doesn’t need to be the lengthy complicated ordeal many make it out to be. In fact, DRP needs to become a more nimble process that is completed quickly, easily updated and frequently tested. The first step

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How to Make DR Testing Less Painful

While every IT professional will admit that it is important, disaster recovery testing generally falls to the bottom of the IT to do list, right after root canal. But if testing is not a key component, the process of creating

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Putting the P Back in Disaster Recovery Planning

It seems that sometimes we forget the third letter in the acronym “DRP” (Disaster Recovery Planning). The “P” stands for “planning” and it is something that busy data center administrators replace with “make it up as you go along”. The

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Recovering from a Hurricane

Disaster Recovery Plans (DRPs) should be relatively generic with a design that allows it to survive a data center outage of any type. But each type of disaster requires a unique response. At the Storage Decision’s “Modernizing Your Disaster Recovery

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