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A 3 Step Cloud Storage Strategy

The desired final step of a cloud strategy is to use the services available in the cloud to the fullest extent possible. The problem is for most organizations the first step, leveraging the cloud for backup or archive, which typically

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Predicting WAN Performance – Disaster Recovery’s Missing Link – Apposite Briefing Note

Most storage systems today have the ability to replicate data to another storage system at another site. If the storage system doesn’t have that capability, then there are plenty of third-party software solutions that perform the function. Even if the

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ChalkTalk Video: How To Develop a Cloud Storage Strategy That Works

As IT professionals begin to implement a cloud storage strategy they immediately face two challenges; the first is the actual transition itself. How to learn the new architectures available to them and how to deal with application incompatibilities as they

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How to Enable the Cloud to Master Physics – SwiftStack Briefing Note

The problem with the public cloud has always been physics. We like the idea of being able to access our data anytime anywhere, but the reality often falls short. It takes a lot of horsepower to get data from point

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Recovering from a Hurricane

Disaster Recovery Plans (DRPs) should be relatively generic with a design that allows it to survive a data center outage of any type. But each type of disaster requires a unique response. At the Storage Decision’s “Modernizing Your Disaster Recovery

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Briefing Note: CipherCloud provides Shadow IT Insight

An organization’s users can now, with the swipe of a credit card, create their own IT infrastructure. The term for this is “Shadow IT” and it’s growing rapidly in organizations of all sizes. There are two steps to dealing with

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Briefing Note: Coho Data announces Site-To-Site Replication

A big challenge for a startup in the storage space is catching up to the legacy vendors in terms of features, with one of the most critical and apparently most difficult to complete being site-to-site replication. This feature allows the

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File Sync and Share As An Endpoint Protection Service

How To Backup And Protect Data In A Mobile World According to MarketWatch, approximately every 3.5 seconds someone in America loses a cell phone. Similarly, other end-user edge devices like laptops and tablets are also prone to loss or theft

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