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Live Webinar: Five Things to Look for in Your Next All-Flash Array

The first generation of all-flash arrays has come and gone. For many organizations, the time is now to consider the “next” all-flash array. In our next live webinar, Storage Switzerland and X-IO Storage discuss five things to look for in

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Efficiency Matters More in The Cloud – Turbonomic Briefing Note

Making sure a data center’s compute, network and storage resources are used efficiently is important. But making sure those resources are efficiently used in the cloud is critical. In the data center, finding a better way to balance the compute

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Predicting WAN Performance – Disaster Recovery’s Missing Link – Apposite Briefing Note

Most storage systems today have the ability to replicate data to another storage system at another site. If the storage system doesn’t have that capability, then there are plenty of third-party software solutions that perform the function. Even if the

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How To Make Your Private Cloud Act Like a Private Cloud – Turbonomic Briefing Note

The ultimate goal of a private cloud is to create a pool of compute, memory, networking and storage resources that allocate automatically to applications on an as needed basis. The cloud should ideally be 100% self-service and require almost no

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Data Center Modernization Needs Modernized Servers

Cisco UCS M5 Today’s data center is made up of hypervisors that control and provision compute resources and software that defines and allocates storage capacity. The software defined data center still needs an engine – and that engine is the

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SlideShare: How and Why to Containerize Your Legacy Applications

Agile IT: it is far easier to say than to implement. But data centers need to make the move to Agile IT so their organizations can survive the digital transformation. At the heart of these efforts are modern DevOps environments

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StorageShort: The Use Cases for Containerized Legacy Apps

The move to containers is not just for new applications anymore. Organizations that have applications written in Java or .Net can now easily containerize them. Even packaged application providers like Oracle provide official images to run components of their architecture

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