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Why Does the Network Team Want SDN?

The network team has a lot invested in traditional networking and may resist the move to a software-defined network (SDN), but given the pace of growth and expansion of the data center, they may not have an option. The network

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Why Do Storage and vAdmin Teams Want SDN?

While it should seem like someone else’s concern, no other group within IT should want software-defined networking (SDN) more than the storage administration and virtualization vAdmin groups. SDN’s promise to all the storage and vAdmin teams is to perform their

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What is Software Defined Networking?

Like other software defined initiatives, software defined networking (SDN) abstracts the networking operating environment from the hardware switches and controller. The SDN promise is to reduce costs and improve operational efficiency by managing a set of physical top of rack

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3 Reasons Why Networking Breaks HCI Scalability

One of the most appealing aspects of hyperconverged Infrastructures is their ability to scale. When IT needs more compute or storage resources to keep up with their rapidly growing enterprise, they are told to “just add a node”. There is

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Six Things Your Boss Needs To Know About DRaaS

Disaster Recovery as a Service (DRaaS), the ability to outsource an organization’s recovery site, typically to the cloud, is rapidly gaining in popularity. The executive team may assume the solution can do no wrong and encourage IT professionals to pursue

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Can Software Defined Networking Bring Scale to HCI? – Big Switch HCI Briefing Note

Hyperconverged Infrastructure (HCI) is one of those technologies that look great on the whiteboard. The idea of collapsing the compute, storage and networking tiers into one, and creating an infrastructure that automatically scales as each node is added to the

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Seven Storage Mistakes Data Centers Make During a Merger

Mergers and acquisitions are commonplace in today’s business climate. A key aspect of one of these transactions is how to combine the IT infrastructures of the two organizations. IT plays a critical role in making sure the combination is more

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