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Seven Storage Mistakes Data Centers Make During a Merger

Mergers and acquisitions are commonplace in today’s business climate. A key aspect of one of these transactions is how to combine the IT infrastructures of the two organizations. IT plays a critical role in making sure the combination is more

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Why Has SDN Adoption Been So Slow? – Pluribus Networks Briefing Note

The move to commodity hardware changed the way data centers scale compute and storage resources. The network, for the most part, is being left out of the movement. Once an organization makes a network vendor selection, it has very few

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Software Defined Storage vs. Hyperconvergence

Hyperconvergence makes a lot of sense for many organizations. Hyperconvergence lets data centers leverage the excess compute in their virtual infrastructure to run the hyperconverged solution. The goal is to create a simpler architecture that converges compute, storage and networking.

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Modern Storage Infrastructures Need Software Defined Networks – Big Switch Briefing Note

Data center modernization creates agility so IT can rapidly respond to the needs of the business. Of the aspects of the data center being modernized, the network infrastructure tends to be the last to change and it inhibits the proliferation

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Software Defined Storage needs Automation and Orchestration

Software Defined Storage (SDS) provides the ability for multiple storage hardware elements to be managed through software, enabling a data center to have a common interface to pool, provision and protect storage assets across vendor platforms. This basic abstraction is a

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Software Defined Storage Meets Software Defined Networking

Coho Data Delivers Scalable Multi-Purpose Storage Platform One of the challenges facing data centers today is the diversity of the applications they have to support. They range from the virtualized infrastructure, with its highly random I/O pattern, to the transactional

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