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HiveIO Debuts Hive Fabric 7.3

More Proactive Infrastructure Operations and Cost-Effective, Granular Application Performance Acceleration Graphics processing units (GPUs), software-defined data center architectures, and more intelligent infrastructure management are important technologies that all stand to help IT professionals meet modern business requirements. These include ever-faster

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Can HyperConvergence Work at the Edge? – StorMagic Briefing Note

Edge computing, remote offices, branch offices (ROBO), small data centers, and IoT use cases are on the rise. Most research predicts that the amount of data stored outside the data center will be 40X more than what is stored inside

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Why Backup is Breaking Hyper-Converged Infrastructures and How to Fix it

The goal of a hyperconverged infrastructure (HCI) is to simplify how to apply compute, network and storage resources to applications. Ideally, the data center’s IT needs are consolidated down to a single architecture that automatically scales as the organization needs

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New Paper: The Post-Virtualization Refresh: Is Hyperconvergence the Answer?

With the move to virtualization well underway, the data center faces its most pivotal technology refresh in its history. The current architecture was designed before the introduction of virtualization, but virtualization has been adopted into that legacy architecture at an

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Hitachi’s HSP Hyper-Converged Appliance makes Big Data Analytics fit the Enterprise

Big Data Analytics uses distributed computing architectures, on platforms like Hadoop, to run large processing jobs on even larger datasets. Since data being processed in a Hadoop environment usually needs to be resident on the compute nodes themselves, this can

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Not a One Trick, Hyper-Converged Pony

HP StoreVirtual Briefing Note HP’s journey to hyper-convergence started in Colorado when they purchased LeftHand Networks. The LeftHand Networks solution was one of the first software-based storage solutions and one of the first scale-out storage solutions. It also happened to

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How to decide if Software Defined Storage is Right for you

Software Defined Storage (SDS) can bring value to almost every data center that has multiple storage systems to manage and that are rapidly expanding. Once those value points are understood and verified, deciding which of the available SDS implementation types is right for your data center is the next step. In this article we provide guidance on how to determine if SDS is right for you, what type of SDS is right for you and when you should make your SDS move.

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SlideShare: Cleaning up the SDS Mess – Four Keys to Success

Is Software Defined Storage (SDS) getting hijacked? It seems every vendor, old and new, is claiming that their storage is “software defined”. In our on demand webinar listen as experts from Storage Switzerland and Nexenta provide guidance to sorting out

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MeetTheCEO: Gridstore’s George Symons

In our latest Meet The CEO podcast, join George Crump as we “meet” George Symons, veteran of the Storage Industry and CEO of Gridstore. George has over 20 years of experience in IT Infrastructure and in this podcast we talk

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StorageShort: Is Software-only SDS the best way to implement this technology?

There are a number of ways to implement SDS, including as a software-only solution. This method allows the user to provide the hardware, even re-purposing existing equipment in some cases. There are a number of user benefits to leveraging SDS

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