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MeetTheCEO: Promethium’s Kaycee Lai

Kaycee Lai will appeared on Storage Switzerland’s Meet The CEO series of webinars. Lai and Promethium have a unique vantage point into the key bottleneck that is greatly slowing down the time it takes to arrive at data-driven business intelligence:

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Understanding The AWS Storage Portfolio – Amazon Briefing Note

Amazon Web Services (AWS) support a large number of use cases, ranging from high transactional applications to analytic processing applications, as well as backup and archiving solutions. As vendors and data centers decide on how they will use Amazon they

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The Role of Object Storage in HPC Environments?

For most High Performance Computing (HPC) environments, high performance storage is a critical component in the infrastructure. The storage systems need to feed the compute infrastructure as quickly as possible. With object storage improving its performance and adding flash to

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ChalkTalk Video: What is a Data Lake

George Crump of Storage Switzerland, and Fred Oh from Hitachi Data Systems explain the term “Data Lake”, and what it means for today’s analytics tools such as Pentaho, Hadoop, and Cassandra. The discussion includes real-world use cases, and also demonstrates

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Hitachi’s HSP Hyper-Converged Appliance makes Big Data Analytics fit the Enterprise

Big Data Analytics uses distributed computing architectures, on platforms like Hadoop, to run large processing jobs on even larger datasets. Since data being processed in a Hadoop environment usually needs to be resident on the compute nodes themselves, this can

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ChalkTalk Video: Is it Time for Data Lake 2.0?

A Data Lake is a global repository. It collects data from a lot of sources, like sensors or the Internet of Things. A second generation Data Lake needs to evolve to get the data kept in the “lake” out to

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