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Dell Cloud Snapshot Manager

Embracing SaaS for Multi-Cloud Data Protection Modern cloud workloads exist across heterogeneous, multi-cloud infrastructures, but the cloud services that host them lack rich, native data protection toolsets. While snapshot features typically exist in the cloud they are not automated and

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Optimizing Efficiency for the Multi-Cloud World

Dell Technologies World 2019 Primary Storage Updates The storage strategy for the modern enterprise, at its core, centers on getting the right data to the right user at the right time. However, this is a difficult task that requires the

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Understanding Gartner’s Object Storage Quadrant

Analyst firm Gartner released its latest version of its Magic Quadrant for object storage that attempts to rank and organize the distributed file system and object storage system market. Instead, it really creates more questions and confusion instead of providing

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Dell EMC Integrate DRaaS to Data Protection Portfolio

Organizations that count on EMC’s data protection software that also want DRaaS don’t have to consider switching to another solution. At Dell EMC World 2017, the company announced Data Domain Cloud DR. Disaster Recovery as a Service (DRaaS) leverages the

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Deep Dive XtremIO X2 – Dell EMC World 2017

The press releases are out there but they only cover the XtremIO announcement at a high level. It’s time for a deeper dive. At Dell EMC World, Storage Switzerland spent quality time on the XtremIO X2 update. It promises increased

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Virtual Instruments – Realizing Full Value of Your EMC Storage Deployments

One request I never hear from IT professionals is give me more tools. They are inundated with tools from every vendor in their environment. Every component in the data center generates data about how it’s operating. The problem is none

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Dell EMC Delivers Data Domain Virtual Edition 3.1 for In-Cloud Data Protection

One of the first announcements out of the chute at Dell EMC World 2017 is an updated version of Data Domain’s Virtual Edition (DD VE). The new version runs in both Amazon and Azure clouds and is designed to provide

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Modern Applications and Object Storage

New applications like Cassandra, Couchbase, MongoDB, Hadoop, Splunk and Spark are the catalyst behind data center modernization. These apps provide the scale and flexibility that increase user engagement, enable better decision making and unleash more human creativity. But these solutions

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