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Storage Lessons that IT can learn from Media and Entertainment

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The demands of the modern Media and Entertainment (M&E) organization is pushing storage infrastructure to the breaking point. M&E generates more data, requires faster processing, faster delivery of that data and has, by far, the most justifiable means for retaining

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Backup Software, Hardware Integration Challenges – StorageCraft Buys Exablox


Data protection is made of three components; the software that identifies and copies the data needing protection, the hardware that will store the protected copy and the IT professionals that drive the process. When two of these components are combined,

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The Multi-Site Scale-Out Storage Problem

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When an organization buys a scale-up storage system it has to predict how much storage performance and capacity it will need over the life of the investment. If an unpredictable requirement for either of these resources occurs then IT will

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Why Data Management is Cool Again

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In the early data center, IT managed data because it HAD to. The cost of online storage was too expensive to hold all the data needing processing. But over time storage became less expensive and storage system vendors created architectures

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StorageShort: M&E – Content Distribution, Performance vs. Cost


One of the challenges facing Media and Entertainment (M&E) companies today is content distribution. No longer are users starting at their televisions screens waiting for content to come to them. They want access to the content when they want to

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Overcoming the M&E Data Delivery Challenge

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IT professionals who work for Media and Entertainment (M&E) organizations face a myriad of new challenges such as dealing with the data capacity demands of higher and higher resolution cameras and preserving that data for decades. While these challenges are

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