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What is Global Inline Deduplication?

If you are deploying a private cloud that spans multiple data centers or hundreds of Edge locations, understanding the various forms of deduplication is critical to selecting the infrastructure for these initiatives. Understanding what you will get from each vendor’s

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The Three Requirements for Edge Computing

Before selecting a platform, IT planners need to understand the three requirements for Edge Computing. While some requirements are similar to any other computing center, Edge Computing has attributes that make some nice-to-have capabilities a “must-have” feature. Hyperconverged infrastructure (HCI)

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Meeting the Storage Challenges of Azure Stack Edge Deployments

The public cloud is typically looked on as the great consolidator. Organizations, small and large, use the cloud as a hub for data storage and distribution. Recently, however, there has been a proliferation of edge use cases, and the major

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Understanding the IO Needs of Edge Computing

Edge computing architectures typically consists of an array of IoT sensors that are collecting data in realtime which then send data to an edge data center for additional processing. Eventually, much of the collected data ends up in a public

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Lightboard Video: SSDs Are Critical for Edge Computing Success

The escalating use of IoT devices, as well as the need for Cloud providers and Content Delivery Network providers to get closer to where their customers are, is driving edge computing. The goal of edge computing is to reduce latency

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