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What Can Storage Learn From Server Consolidation?

Storage consolidation projects are permanently on the IT project whiteboard. The process typically starts after IT realizes that their data center is overrun by multiple storage systems from multiple vendors. Storage Switzerland finds that most data centers have 5-6 different

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Storage Programmability: The Key to the Software-defined Data Center

The terms “software-defined data center” (SDDC) and “software-defined storage” (SDS) are commonly thrown around, typically being associated with the abstraction of core infrastructure functionality into a common software plane that can then be deployed on low-cost, commodity hardware. This definition

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Why is Traditional Storage Consolidation Failing

The most common method for consolidating storage is for the organization to purchase a single storage system, hardware, and software, and move all workloads to the new system. The organization is in effect creating a storage mainframe. The challenges with

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Does Your Application Really Need NVMe Performance?

Most businesses’ workload ecosystems are in a state of transition. There is plenty of buzz about modern workloads such as artificial intelligence (AI), machine learning (ML), high-velocity analytics and NoSQL databases as new tools to drive competitive advantage. The reality,

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Live Webinar: Designing a Storage Consolidation Strategy for Today, the Future and the Cloud

Most storage consolidation strategies fail because they attempt to consolidate to a single piece of storage hardware. To successfully consolidate storage, IT professionals need to look at consolidation strategies that worked. Server consolidation was VMware’s first use case. It was

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What’s Hot in Storage for 2019? Trend #1: AI, but is it for Real?

Trend #1 Artificial Intelligence (AI) – AI is one of the most over-hyped terms in the industry. In 2019 that hype reaches new heights. Vendors will not only claim they have the perfect storage system for AI workloads but that

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What to Look For in a Modern Storage Network

Legacy storage network architectures can’t keep up with the scale and performance requirements of modern data sets and workloads such as the Internet of Things (IoT) analytics, creating the need for transformation to support new business demands. Fibre Channel is

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Modernizing NAS Instead of Replacing It – Qumulo Briefing Note

Organizations are almost universally struggling with storing and managing their unstructured data. From a storage system perspective, vendors offer legacy NAS systems, object storage systems and cloud storage services, all trying to convince IT professionals that they are the best

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SlideShare: Three Reasons Why NAS is No Good for AI and Machine Learning

Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning (ML) are becoming mainstream initiatives at many organizations. Data is at the heart of AI and ML. Immediate access to large data sets is pivotal to successful ML outcomes. Without data, there is no

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