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Adding Object Storage Capabilities To NAS – iXsystems Briefing Note

Object storage is rising in popularity in data centers of all sizes. While many object storage vendors try to position it to be a replacement for NAS, doing so requires the vendor to provide some form of emulation so the

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Move Compute Closer to Storage – NGD Systems Briefing Note

Modern applications like big data analytics, facial recognition, IoT and video streaming, as well as next generation applications like artificial intelligence and machine learning, place unique demands on both the compute and storage infrastructures. Most of the modern and next

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Why Do All-Flash Arrays Need QoS?

If all-flash arrays provide instant, unlimited performance, why manage how much of that performance they deliver through techniques like quality of service (QoS)? For most organizations one of the attractions to all-flash arrays is the set and forget answer to

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Big Data for Small Enterprises

Big Data is not just for big enterprises. Small to medium-sized enterprises (SME) can reap the same rewards. But SMEs can’t build a Big Data infrastructure like larger enterprises. The good news it they don’t have to, they can leverage

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ChalkTalk Video: All-Flash, Am I all Good?

When IT implements flash, especially all-flash, there is a general sigh of relief. They think the installation will solve all of their problems. But at least one problem remains…humans! Users and even IT professionals (also human) occasionally make a mistake

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StorageShort: Does Flash Create Networking Problems?

All-flash arrays solve many performance problems. But the latency reduction they bring also exposes other weak links in the storage IO architecture. One of the most exposed areas is the network. For example, many times IT will install the flash

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