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Ransomware Changes Backup Software

The threat of ransomware has put IT on its toes. The pressure is on to backup everything more frequently and to make sure that recoveries happen faster than a BitCoin transaction. Backup software manufacturers need to up their capabilities too.

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SlideShare: The Three Reasons Cloud Backup is Broken and How to Fix It

The cloud was supposed to be the answer to IT’s backup dilemma; instead, it in some ways has made the situation worse. In this on demand webinar Storage Switzerland and Microsoft Azure have a roundtable discussion on what’s gone wrong

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Securing Backups from Ransomware

Ransomware “developers” know that organizations are likely to count on their backups as a primary point of recovery if they are infected. As a result, these malware programs attempt to encrypt or disrupt backup operations. Other cyber attacks may even

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Do You Need to Protect Cloud-Native Applications?

One of the forgotten elements of migrating an application to the cloud is protecting that application and its data. There sometimes is an assumption that the cloud automatically protects itself and for natural disaster protection, that assumption is correct. Most

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White Paper: What if the Cloud Backed itself Up?

Hybrid IT is the standard by which most organizations operate. Protecting both on-premises and cloud-based data sets is more critical than ever. The problem is that protecting these environments require separate software applications. The process for protecting cloud-native applications is

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