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SlideShare: All-Flash in 2018 – What You Need to Know

The All-Flash era is well upon us, and most data centers consider an all-flash product storage tier both realistic and practical. But the flash industry continues to march on. New technologies like NVMe and ultra high-density flash modules promise to

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Webinar: 5 Key Trends That Could Challenge Your Data Protection Plan in 2018

And how to counter them Organizations are facing increasing businesses continuity and resiliency challenges in 2018. Much of these pressures – such as security threats, an increase in the number of mission critical applications, and data shifting to the cloud

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What the Enterprise Needs to Learn from HPC Environments – DDN Briefing Note

HPC data centers are the harbinger of what the enterprise will look like in the coming years. As such enterprise data centers should pay close attention to a recent survey of HPC data centers, which was sponsored by DataDirect Networks.

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Dealing with the Polarization of Unstructured Data

Quantum Xcellis Scale-out NAS Briefing Note Unstructured data is polarizing. On one end, a large portion of unstructured data needs almost no performance, it just needs to be retained in case it is needed in the future. On the other

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Protecting MongoDB, Cassandra, Hadoop – Datos IO Briefing Note

Data center modernization usually includes the organization moving to modern cloud applications like MongoDB, Cassandra and Hadoop. Like most new initiatives a forgotten element is data protection. These environments are particularly challenging to protect because they are designed to run

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Meet The CEO of Violin Systems

Ebrahim Abbasi is a turnaround specialist. That is exactly what fit the need of Violin Systems; a turnaround. He was hired prior to Violin’s sale of assets to Quantum Strategic Partners (QSP) and guided it through that period. Now, Violin

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Overcoming the Network Problems of High Capacity Flash in All-Flash Systems

Flash media is getting denser. There have been several announcements promising 50TB plus SSDs within the next six months. The distinct advantage for all-flash systems is they will be able to deliver Petabytes of capacity in just a few rack

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