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Do You Have an NVMe Strategy?

NVMe has been in the market for over a year and is living up to its promise to offer game-changing performance. Most vendors have NVMe products available. Traditional vendors are adding NVMe to their existing storage systems as well as

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The Public Cloud’s Role in Unstructured Data Management

Organizations are now drowning in unstructured data. Addressing the growth and managing this data is increasingly a high priority for organizations. The public cloud has a role to play and vendors must carefully integrate it into their unstructured data protection

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Busting the NVMe Flash Myths

NVMe is the next wave of all-flash systems coming to market. These systems are fast, dense and scalable. They promise to fundamentally change the way IT designs storage architectures in support of existing applications, and they open up new possibilities

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SlideShare: Dealing with the Elephant in the Datacenter – How to Protect, Manage, and Leverage Unstructured Data

IT is facing new challenges in managing unstructured data. Organizations want to store more unstructured data and keep it longer for future analysis. However, the protection and retention methods of traditional backup and archive solutions are not keeping pace with

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Overcoming the Unstructured Data Management Gap

Hardly a week goes by where an IT professional doesn’t hear “storage is growing,” to which they probably roll their eyes and think “no kidding.” What IT needs is more than just appreciation of the problem is a solution to

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Do You Need to Re-Prioritize Unstructured Data Management Priorities?

In our on demand webinar “The Elephant in the Data Center – Protecting, Managing and Leveraging Unstructured Data”, Storage Switzerland and Igneous discuss the recent 2018 State of Unstructured Data Management report. The report is available as an attachment to

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Webinar: What’s Your 2019 NVMe Strategy?

The flash optimized NVMe protocol has been on the market for over a year and the technology is available in several forms. NVMe, both storage and networking (NVMe over Fabrics) is more expensive than the typical SAS based solution and

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Lightboard Video: Managing Unstructured Data at Scale

Unstructured data as it scales from terabytes to petabytes creates a massive problem for organizations as they attempt to protect and manage that data. IT struggles with gaining visibility into the state of their unstructured data, which often requires multiple

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What Ever Happened to the Software Defined Data Center?

About a decade ago, VMware introduced the vision of a software-defined data center (SDDC). Unlike data centers of yesteryear, a software-defined data center was supposed to leverage intelligent software and commodity hardware to create a flexible data center that could

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Using Machine Learning to Eliminate Data Center War Rooms – Virtual Instruments Briefing Note

According to Dimensional Research, over 60% of enterprises experience two or more significant application performance issues per month. In the modern data center, most users equate poor performance the same as application downtime. Performance issues, though, are usually much harder

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