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Does Cloud-Native Mean Cloud Protected?

As organizations migrate applications to the cloud, they sometimes assume that data protection is built-in to the service. However, what cloud service providers offer is high availability and durability, not backup. But organizations, whether their applications are in the cloud

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15 Minute Webinar: Do You Really Need to Consolidate Backup?

IT Professionals have been on a life-long mission to find a backup solution that can do everything. The goal is to back up the entire data center to a single backup target, all controlled by a single application. Is it

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Meet The CEO: HYCU, Inc’s Simon Taylor

Backup and Recovery is as old as the data center itself, but organizations still struggle with the process. IT professionals have tried many solutions to solve their data protection solutions, and the market is full of options, but none seem

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Top Four Data Analytics Challenges – Challenge 2: Technical Expertise

The new era of data analytics has opened up a new opportunity for storage professionals to become strategic partners and advisers to line of business stakeholders. The problem is that completing analytics queries is taking far too long – frequently

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Why Self-Protecting Production Storage at the Edge?

Enterprises are relying more and more on edge data centers to collect and process critical data in real time. Increasingly, edge data centers require bare metal-levels of performance – but at the same time, these important data streams must be

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Struggling with Data Privacy? Consider Intelligent Data Management

Regulations have proliferated beyond a concentration in a single industry (such as the financial community) or geographical region (such as Europe). Companies do business globally, and the importance of data is causing new regulations like the California Consumer Privacy Act

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What Constitutes a Complete Data Protection Platform?

Endpoint protection has frequently been treated as an expensive hassle that is not worth it. However, for a number of reasons, organizations can no longer risk leaving employees’ laptops, tablets and other devices unprotected. The major concern is that data

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Rethinking Your Data Governance Strategy for Compliance

In today’s era of regulations, the role of archive and long-term retention data is changing dramatically. No longer can data simply be shipped off to a “cheap and deep” repository with the hope that it will never need to be

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