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Moving on From Mozy Endpoint

Protecting laptops, tablets, and smartphones (endpoints) are more critical than ever. Users use endpoints of all types to create data essential to the organization, but the user may never store that data on a corporate (and protected) fileserver. One of

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What is an Endpoint Strategy?

By and large, endpoints (laptops, smartphones, tablets, etc.) are the core vehicle through which employees complete their work every day. These endpoints are also highly susceptible to malware, theft, loss, damage and accidental data deletion – creating a significant business

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The Changing State of Endpoint Backup

Many organizations consider endpoint backup a “nice-to-have”, in that if endpoint get backed up, at least occasionally it’s considered good enough. Considering how critical endpoints are to today’s workforce and their increasing importance in compliance regulations, IT needs to rethink

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Webinar: Is It Time to Upgrade Your Endpoint Data Strategy?

As organizations and their employees become more distributed, a case can be made that endpoints (laptops, tablets and smartphones) are some of the most critical pieces of technology in the organization. The problem is most organizations haven’t revisited their endpoint

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Creating an Endpoint Backup Strategy that Works for Everyone

Backing up endpoints is a crucial aspect of a comprehensive, modern data protection strategy. Laptops and mobile devices are the primary means through which employees read and modify corporate data. Despite the ongoing shift to software-as-a-service (SaaS), users commonly save

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Does Microsoft Office 365 Need to be Protected?

It is increasingly common for enterprises to offload mission-critical applications such as Microsoft Exchange to cloud service providers; in fact, Microsoft’s software-as-a-service (SaaS)-delivered Office 365 revenue has surpassed its conventional Office revenue since the fourth quarter of 2017, pointing to

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Video: Utilizing Tape Storage as a Malware Failsafe

In today’s information era, data growth is booming. Furthermore, organizations are storing and backing up this data more than ever before to meet compliance regulations, as well as to increase the volume of information available for business analytics. At the

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Fifteen Minute Friday: Do You Need to Protect Laptops, Office 365 and

Most enterprises don’t need convincing to back up their Oracle, MS-SQL, and VMware environments but for some reason, vendors struggle convincing most IT professionals that laptops, Office 365 and also need backing up. The common misconception is that since

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How Holistic Can a Backup Solution Become?

In a recent webinar, “Holistic Disaster Recovery; from Data Center to Endpoint”, Storage Switzerland discussed the concept of end-to-end (or holistic) disaster recovery. One of the questions asked was “How holistic can a backup solution become?” Which, considering that most

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StorageShort: The Changing Face of Disasters

When it comes to disaster recovery planning, we tend to focus on grand scale events that impact entire regions of a country. The reality is though that most disasters are smaller in scale. These smaller disasters have a similar severity

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