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End-User Acceptance, Priority 1 for Enterprise Endpoint Backup

There are a lot of excellent reasons to deploy an enterprise-wide data protection strategy and at the top of the list is protecting users from Ransomware. One of the critical challenges, though, to successfully deploying an enterprise-wide endpoint backup strategy,

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Cloud Backup? Yes, No or Sometimes

Cloud backup has several advantages over traditional on-site backup and one big negative; the data is no longer stored within the familiar confines of the data center. Even if the cloud backup solution provides robust encryption, many organizations have some

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How to Provide Rapid Recovery for Mission-Critical Applications

When mission-critical applications go down, bad things happen. Organizations lose revenue, users and customers are dissatisfied. IT loses its reputation and sometimes even their jobs. There is no arguing that these applications need to be protected regularly and recovered quickly.

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SlideShare: Hitting Your Data Protection Sweet Spot

The data protection process sometimes has objectives that seem to be in opposition to one another. On one side, the organization needs rapid and frequent data captures so that RPOs and RTOs are met. On the other side, there is

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How to Implement Replication for Rapid Recovery

For organizations needing to protect mission-critical critical systems, software-based replication is an ideal way to meet and potentially exceed expectations. In fact, replication can be implemented so cost effectively that the scope of coverage can extend beyond mission-critical systems and

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StorageShort: Disaster Recovery – Secondary Site vs. Public Cloud

During a disaster everyone needs a place to go, including an organization’s applications and data. Ideally that “place” is prepared. For decades the only real decision for IT was just how prepared would the DR site be? Options ranged from

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Software vs. Hardware Replication

As discussed in our last entry, replication is an ideal way for most organizations to meet the data protection and data recovery demands of their mission critical applications. But there is a choice that IT needs to make when selecting

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