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ChalkTalk Video: When Should You Use High Availability instead of Backup?

Most data centers have some sort of backup strategy where it copies data on a periodic basis, typically once per night, to a secondary storage device and then either replicated or transported to a disaster recovery site. They count on

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What is a Consistency Group?

Understanding consistency groups is essential to having a properly functioning disaster recovery process. They speak to the reality that it is not possible to recover everything at the same time. Creating recovery groups makes a recovery from a disaster much

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Can You Eliminate Downtime? – New White Paper

Achieving a zero or near-zero recovery point and recovery time objective requires planning. From a data perspective, IT needs to position the data in a ready state on the recovery system. The positioning or copying of data needs to happen either as,

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Can You “Future Proof” Data Protection?

The data protection process always seems like it is playing catch up to the recovery expectations of production data. Part of the problem is that data protection is often considered after an application has rolled-out in production. The other part

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Live Webinar: How to “Future Proof” Data Protection for Organizational Resilience

Users expectations of IT’s ability to return mission critical applications to production are higher than ever. These expectations are leading IT to abandon many of their backup and recovery solutions to try new, unproven solutions that may or may not

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StorageShort: How To Meet RPO/RTO Expectations

Organizations must meet increasingly strict recovery point objectives (RPO) and recovery time objectives (RTO). Essentially they want their applications back up and running as soon as possible with minimal data loss. To meet these challenges IT professionals have to increase

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Are Customers DRaaS Worries Justified?

The result of a survey about disaster recovery as a service (DRaaS) during a recent webinar was very illuminating. In my opinion, it suggests most people responding to the survey had not yet actually tried such a service. First, let

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