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5 Critical Enterprise Cloud Backup Capabilities – Requirement 3: Flexible Recovery

On-premises backup infrastructure is expensive and cumbersome to manage. At the same time, many enterprises are rapidly running out of available data center floorspace. As discussed on a recent Storage Switzerland webinar with Carbonite, cloud storage services offer a path

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5 Critical Enterprise Cloud Backup Capabilities – Requirement 2: Complete Platform Coverage

The agility and utility-based cost structure of the cloud makes it an appealing backup target that can help storage managers to keep pace with today’s modern insights and privacy-driven world. However, many cloud backup solutions fall short when it comes

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Moving on From Mozy Endpoint

Protecting laptops, tablets, and smartphones (endpoints) are more critical than ever. Users use endpoints of all types to create data essential to the organization, but the user may never store that data on a corporate (and protected) fileserver. One of

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SlideShare: 5 Critical Enterprise Cloud Backup Capabilities

The cloud seems like a logical destination for backup data. It is by definition off-site, and the organization no longer needs to worry about allocating valuable floor space to secondary data storage. The problem is that most cloud backup solutions

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Using the Cloud for Backup and Data Protection Modernization

One of the problems created by the modern insights economy and era of strict data privacy regulations is the fact that backup data is growing even faster than production data, and that it also must be retained for longer periods

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What is an Endpoint Strategy?

By and large, endpoints (laptops, smartphones, tablets, etc.) are the core vehicle through which employees complete their work every day. These endpoints are also highly susceptible to malware, theft, loss, damage and accidental data deletion – creating a significant business

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The Changing State of Endpoint Backup

Many organizations consider endpoint backup a “nice-to-have”, in that if endpoint get backed up, at least occasionally it’s considered good enough. Considering how critical endpoints are to today’s workforce and their increasing importance in compliance regulations, IT needs to rethink

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Webinar: Is It Time to Upgrade Your Endpoint Data Strategy?

As organizations and their employees become more distributed, a case can be made that endpoints (laptops, tablets and smartphones) are some of the most critical pieces of technology in the organization. The problem is most organizations haven’t revisited their endpoint

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5 Critical Enterprise Cloud Backup Capabilities – Requirement 1: Turnkey, All-in-One Solution

As Storage Switzerland frequently discusses, many enterprises are struggling to keep up with today’s backup demands. Copy data is growing exponentially, to comply with data privacy regulations such as the European Union’s General Data Protection Regulation and the California Consumer

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What Should You Do If You Are Using Mozy to Protect Servers?

Mozy customers have a decision to make, now. For now, Carbonite continues to maintain the Mozy cloud but if your organization is using Mozy to protect servers, it is time to move off of Mozy cloud. The good news is

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