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Moving on From Mozy Endpoint

Protecting laptops, tablets, and smartphones (endpoints) are more critical than ever. Users use endpoints of all types to create data essential to the organization, but the user may never store that data on a corporate (and protected) fileserver. One of

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Does Networking as a Service Make Sense? – Datto Briefing Note

The “as a service” moniker is appearing everywhere. Everything from storage to compute to networking is now being offered as a service. More and more companies are opting to have service providers provide their core infrastructure services – as a

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Cloud Backups – Purpose Built vs. Public Cloud

Leveraging the cloud as part of the data protection process is increasing in popularity, and with that popularity come a lot of options for IT planners to sift through. One area of consideration is the cloud destination. There is a

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Secure Private Cloud File Sharing

File sharing and collaboration is critical for businesses that have highly distributed workforces but maintaining control and security over sensitive business data is equally important. File sharing solution provider, Talon, is helping to deliver cloud enabled file sharing to businesses

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Intelligent File Sync and Share by Oxygen Cloud

For the past few years, a wide variety of vendors have come to market with file sync and share solutions that were designed to replace consumer solutions that had made their way into the enterprise. Most addressed key shortfalls by

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Storage Q&A: Can File Sync and Share be made secure?

Data security has taken on a whole new level of importance in light of recent events like the Heartbleed bug and revelations that major cloud sites have had millions of user credentials compromised by hackers. Recently I sat down with

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Securing Business Data In The Wild

Recently I sat down with Colm Keegan, Senior Analyst at Storage Switzerland for a podcast on File Sync and Share Solutions; “Is File Sync & Share Broken?”. Charlie: You have a new article on, “What’s Wrong with File Sync

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File Sync and Share As An Endpoint Protection Service

How To Backup And Protect Data In A Mobile World According to MarketWatch, approximately every 3.5 seconds someone in America loses a cell phone. Similarly, other end-user edge devices like laptops and tablets are also prone to loss or theft

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Soonr Gets Corporate Sharing Out of the Box

Everybody understood traditional file servers. They were the repositories for documents at work that facilitated sharing. Now, online file sharing (OFS) has become the new corporate file server that companies don’t control. IT has to get out in front of

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Security for File Sync and Share – Podcast

One of the results of a poll on a recent webinar is that many users are concerned about security with file sync and share platforms. To discuss this in today’s podcast are Artie Chang from Panterra and Storage Switzerland Senior Analyst Colm Keegan.

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