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Flash Memory Summit Video – Overcoming Flash Confusion

At the Flash Memory Summit IT professionals have no shortage of options when it comes to implementing flash. There are all-flash arrays, hybrid arrays, server side flash, and memory. The challenge is understanding which type of flash should be used

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Today’s Data must be Mobile

Data mobility was once the stuff of dreams – but no more. The days of data a user creates, manages, and eventually deletes living all in one place are no more. Data management applications that acknowledge this are the new

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What’s the Next Big Thing in Storage After Flash?

Flash storage is fundamentally changing the data center. It is allowing databases to meet the demands of users and virtual infrastructures to achieve new levels of virtual machine (VM) density. But what comes next after flash? Is it another advancement

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The Need for Storage Fragmentation

Here is the goal: Having a data center that consolidates all data onto a single storage system from one vendor. The hope is that by consolidating to a single system, the organization will reduce management headaches that IT administrators face

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It’s time to “VMware” Storage

Before hypervisors like VMware, Hyper-V and KVM came to market, data centers had few options when it came to managing the growth of their server infrastructure. They could buy one big server that ran multiple applications, which, while it simplified

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Secure Private Cloud File Sharing

File sharing and collaboration is critical for businesses that have highly distributed workforces but maintaining control and security over sensitive business data is equally important. File sharing solution provider, Talon, is helping to deliver cloud enabled file sharing to businesses

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