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Next Generation Networks Need to Deploy Rapidly

The one constant in the modern data center is scale. IT professionals are continuously under pressure to add additional servers, virtual machines and containers. With those additions comes the demand for more storage capacity and more storage performance. The storage

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Live Webinar: Faster, Smarter, Simpler – The New Requirements in Storage Networking

IT professionals need a faster, smarter and simpler storage architecture. Organizations drive this need by deploying more diverse and demanding applications and services. Data is the very lifeblood of an increasing number of organizations. The consumers of this data need

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Predicting WAN Performance – Disaster Recovery’s Missing Link – Apposite Briefing Note

Most storage systems today have the ability to replicate data to another storage system at another site. If the storage system doesn’t have that capability, then there are plenty of third-party software solutions that perform the function. Even if the

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The Cloud Storage Consistency Problem

Cloud storage like Amazon S3 is scalable and economical, and it is also highly available. But one thing it is not is consistent. Lack of consistency is the primary reason many organizations struggle with cloud migration. Many production applications need

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Cloud Backup? Yes, No or Sometimes

Cloud backup has several advantages over traditional on-site backup and one big negative; the data is no longer stored within the familiar confines of the data center. Even if the cloud backup solution provides robust encryption, many organizations have some

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ChalkTalk Video: Why Organizations Are Struggling with Getting Applications to the Cloud

Every organization is trying to develop a cloud strategy, but as they try to move workloads to the cloud, they are running into the wall known as the CAP theorem. The CAP theorem says it is impossible for a distributed

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Seven Storage Mistakes Data Centers Make During a Merger

Mergers and acquisitions are commonplace in today’s business climate. A key aspect of one of these transactions is how to combine the IT infrastructures of the two organizations. IT plays a critical role in making sure the combination is more

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