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Data Protection Versus Hyperconverged Data Protection

As applications’ data protection requirements become more unique, many enterprises are considering a hyperconverged data protection solution so they can “just drop in” a node to meet expansion needs. While at the surface this sounds like an agile and simple

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StorMagic Encryption Key Manager and KVM Support Briefing Note

Cutting the Encryption and Hypervisor Taxes for the Edge and Small Data Centers Edge data centers are quickly becoming important hubs where mission-critical data is processed. Hyperconverged infrastructure (HCI) poses an attractive architecture to serve these environments, but there are

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Why is Software Defined Storage Failing to Consolidate Storage?

After enterprises decide not to use the storage mainframe described in our last blog they often next investigate software-defined storage (SDS) as a means to consolidate their storage and reduce storage costs. With SDS, consolidation occurs at the storage software

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Why SDN Should be Part of Your Cloud Strategy

Organizations are incorporating public cloud resources into their deployment strategies. The organization may have a cloud-first initiative, or it may use the cloud as determined by the workload but the reality is that an overwhelming number of organizations deploy in

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Why Does the Network Team Want SDN?

The network team has a lot invested in traditional networking and may resist the move to a software-defined network (SDN), but given the pace of growth and expansion of the data center, they may not have an option. The network

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Why Do Storage and vAdmin Teams Want SDN?

While it should seem like someone else’s concern, no other group within IT should want software-defined networking (SDN) more than the storage administration and virtualization vAdmin groups. SDN’s promise to all the storage and vAdmin teams is to perform their

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The Data Management Imperative vs. IT Reality

Data management is hard, and with the massive growth of data this task is becoming even more difficult. But, data growth is also making data management an imperative. Organizations need to figure out a way to better manage their data

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What is the Value of Hybrid Flash in an All-Flash Era?

When flash storage first became viable for the enterprise, it was also very expensive. Early devices where low in capacity as well. Hybrid systems overcame these two shortcomings by mixing hard disk and flash technologies. These systems added the capability

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ChalkTalk Video: How to Scale Up and Scale Out Backup

Organizations are asked to store unprecedented amounts of data. Protection of this data to a secondary storage device and replicating it off-site is critical. For most organizations, the capacity requirements of secondary data, data used for backups and other purposes,

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