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Will NVMe Over Fabrics Kill DAS?

Many advanced application architectures use Direct Attached Storage (DAS) instead of centralized shared storage for two reasons. First, in most cases sever drives are less expensive than drives found in shared storage systems. Second, storage that is internally accessed has

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Live Webinar: What’s Your Path to NVMe?

NVMe and NVMe over fabrics promises to change the flash and networking industry. NVMe enables storage systems to tap into the full potential of flash storage and NVMe allows those systems to deliver in-server latencies. NVMe will fundamentally change storage.

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ChalkTalk Video: Hybrid NVMe Flash

How do you make an all-flash array faster? Add NVMe SSDs. The problem today is NVMe SSDs have a higher price point than SAS based SSDs. Why not use hybrid array technology to deliver great performance at a price the

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What is Hybrid Flash 2.0?

Originally, hybrid flash arrays solved a price problem. Hybrid Flash 2.0 solves a performance problem. In their first iteration, these systems were designed to bridge the gap between expensive flash storage and more affordable hard disk drive storage. But as

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SlideShare: Where is the All-Flash Data Center?

Find it With Multi-tiered Flash! The all-flash data center was to solve all our problems. We’ve had all-flash arrays for ½ a decade. Where are the all-flash data centers? The problem is that performance and cost have been opposing forces

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StorageShort: The High Density Flash Performance Problem

Thanks to the ever increasing density of flash, petabytes of flash storage in a few rack units is now reality. Imagine fitting all of the data center capacity needs in a space smaller than half a rack. The problem, though,

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What Happened to the All-Flash Data Center?

About the same time all-flash arrays appeared on the market, pundits started to predict the coming all-flash data center. In the all-flash data center, IT would finally find storage nirvana. There will be no performance issues, the days of tuning

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