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Quorum Briefing Note – Instant Recovery Software gets Major Update

Quorum OnQ already appeared to be a solid product. OnQ is a next-gen backup and recovery product built around modern ideas of data protection. It could back up virtual or physical machines and store those backups in native (but deduplicated)

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A Secondary Storage Game Changer? – Commvault Go 2016

A data protection solution has many parts. First, obviously, there is the data protection software that moves data from production storage to secondary storage. The software, of course, gets a lot of attention. It has to protect all of an

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Overcoming Overprovisioning with Real-Time Scalability

Most data center administrators design storage infrastructures for peak load so when applications or users need the MOST performance or capacity, the system is able to meet the demand. The problem is that most of these peak demands occur occasionally

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SolidFire lowers Entry Point for Cloud-scale, All-flash Arrays

SolidFire is the all-flash array manufacturer that came to market with a scale-out storage system tailored for large-scale multi-tenant environments. These systems offered guaranteed performance, high availability, automated management and a strong efficiency story, based on the advantages that all-flash

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Virtualization made simple with Hyperconverged Infrastructure

Across many data center environments, business data and new applications are rapidly proliferating. In large part, server virtualization has contributed to this growth since it removes many of the logistical barriers for bringing new business systems online. And while there

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Designing Highly Scalable Storage for Dense Virtual Machine Environments

We will discuss the testing methodology and scalability results for 4 & 8 node clustered Hitachi NAS Platform 4000 systems yielding 15,000 VMs in real-world enterprise environments. The test establishes linear performance scalability as nodes are added to the cluster,

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Storage Short: How Dense can a VM Environment get?

VM density is something companies are striving for as they work to lower the TCO of their virtualized environments. The question is, how dense can you get; how many VMs can your successfully run on each host? In this Storage

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