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ChalkTalk Video: How To Overcome the All-Flash Let Down

All-flash arrays are the performance sledgehammer, often obliterating the storage performance problem organizations hoped to resolve when buying them. The challenge is as the organization adds additional workloads to the array, its low latency exposes other bottlenecks in the environment

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Podcast: Copy Data Management vs. DR Ready Storage

There are a lot of options available to IT professionals looking to improve their ability to recover from a disaster. One is copy data management, very popular in the press. The other is DR Ready Primary Storage, something that Storage

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Does Recovery and Performance Have to be a Compromise?

The ability to quickly resume operations after a severe disaster is critical for organizations of all sizes. Fortunately, disasters don’t occur every day, in fact they are actually pretty rare. It is their severity that makes organizations plan for them.

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How Do You Protect An All-Flash Array?

Technically, an organization can protect a new all-flash array the same way it protects its current hard drive based array – use backup software to access the hypervisor, have it trigger a snapshot and then backup all the blocks that

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Enterprise Backup vs Point Backup

For two decades IT has had two choices when selecting a data protection solution. They can choose a holistic solution that covers the majority of the applications, operating systems and data protection goals or they can select a point data

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Successful Disaster Recovery? – Trust but Verify

Verifying that you’re ready for a disaster is difficult but not impossible. The three elements of your infrastructure that must be present for a successful recovery from a disaster are compute, network, and storage. Let’s take a look at how

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SlideShare: Four Reasons Why Your Backup Hardware Will Break by 2020

While backup software vendors continue to innovate, hardware vendors have been resting on their deduplication laurels. In the meantime, the amount of data that organizations store continues to grow at an alarming pace and the backup and recovery expectations of

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