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Speed is Critical For Ransomware Recovery

Speed of recovery from any disaster is always important, but it is most critical in terms of recovering from a ransomware attack. Most ransomware fees are typically a few thousand dollars, and are rarely more than $20,000. For the organization,

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Can You Actively Protect Against Ransomware? – Acronis Backup 12.5 Briefing Note

It is possible to identify and stop ransomware in its tracks. It’s also possible to recover from the damage that ransomware attacks cause. It requires a multi-level approach using intrusion detection systems, ransomware detection systems, and a backup and recovery

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Refining The Virtualized Backup Process – NAKIVO Briefing Note

The backup software market is very mature. Even virtualization specific backup software solutions have been available for over 10 years. But there is still work to do. In some cases, new releases are taking advantage of new technologies elsewhere in

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Ransomware Protection Requires Different Protocols

The core server component of most modern backup applications run on Windows. Unfortunately, Windows is also the primary target of ransomware attacks. While there are incidents of attacks on Linux or Macs, ransomware creators are going to go for the

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How To Design a Hyper-V Disaster Recovery Plan

Server Failure, Storage System Failure and Data Center Failure are all forms of disaster that will impact the Hyper-V environment. Now IT planners should add ransomware to that list. How does the Hyper-V Administrator design a disaster recovery plan? Disaster

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Why is Operational Recovery Needed?

The reason backup strategies exist is to ensure operational continuity after someone makes a mistake, purposefully corrupts data, or hardware or software component runs afoul. Operational recovery is the day-to-day reason you backup data. It is the recovery of specific

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How to Prepare for the Next WannaCry

WannaCry was a wakeup call. New ransomware strains are now appearing every week because ransomware is a profitable “business.” There will be another attack and the chances of your organization being infected are high. The time is now to take

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