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Building a Better Backup Appliance – iXsystems Briefing Note

When it comes to storing backup data, IT professionals have a lot of options from which to choose. Dedicated backup appliances tend to be the most popular selection. Another option is using the backup software’s built-in storage capabilities and building

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ChalkTalk Video: Ransomware Attacks Backups

Is 3-2-1 for Backup Enough to Protect Against Ransomware? Because many organizations continue to pay ransoms to unlock their data, ransomware continues to become more sophisticated. The malware now attacks backup applications themselves and is infiltrating backup data. In this

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What are Ransomware Attack Loops and How to Prevent Them – Asigra Briefing Note

Ransomware is the “new” disaster with which every data center, regardless of location, needs to be concerned. IT must take steps to protect the organization’s data, and even its brand from ransomware. A successful defense against ransomware requires user training

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Asigra is Backing up Docker Containers

The first commercial solution designed for backing up containers is here. So the first question is: do you need to back up containers? The answer is really up to you. Whether or not they need backup depends on how you

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Easing Amazon EBS Snapshot Pain, for Free

It’s a major pain to manage snapshots in Amazon Web Services Elastic Block Storage (AWS EBS). It’s essentially a single command line with very limited capabilities. The result is that developers writing applications for AWS find themselves building tools to

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Future Proofing the Storage Reseller

Storage resellers are in a precarious situation. They have to differentiate not only themselves from other storage resellers theyat have to differentiate themselves from storage manufacturers that are often tempted to have a direct relationship with the reseller’s customers. On

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SlideShare: 3 Important Factors for MSPs Adding Cloud Backup to Their Portfolio

Backup, unless you are focused on it, is hard. Enterprises of all sizes are looking to outsource the problem child to someone that can babysit it. MSPs are in an excellent position to not only assist organizations but grow their

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