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For SDS on NAS, Hardware Matters – iXsystems Briefing Note

A well established concept in the Network Attached Storage (NAS) market is Software Defined Storage (SDS). SDS is tailor-made for NAS, as a file system is, after all, a software construct and it should run on any hardware. While SDS

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Adding Object Storage Capabilities To NAS – iXsystems Briefing Note

Object storage is rising in popularity in data centers of all sizes. While many object storage vendors try to position it to be a replacement for NAS, doing so requires the vendor to provide some form of emulation so the

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iXsystems’ New TrueNAS X10 and FreeNAS v11.0 Briefing Note

The software defined data center does not mean data centers are free from vendor lock-in. It just means vendors moved the lock from hardware to software. While the software may (not always) provide the organization the ability to mix and

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Weekly Storage Podcast: Docker Storage Deep Dive and Common Data Protection Mistakes

This week we are going to take a dive into a “whale” of a topic…Docker. We are also going to sit down with Storage Switzerland’s newest Analyst, Joseph Ortiz, to get his insights on the most common data protection mistakes

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Briefing Note: TrueNAS is FreeNAS for the Enterprise – iXsystems makes Open Source Data Center Ready

iXsystems has been a part of the FreeBSD community for years. It developed FreeNAS, one of the most popular open source Network Attached Storage (NAS) software solutions on the market. While FreeNAS can hold its own, feature wise, with almost

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