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Are Storage Infrastructures Fixing the Wrong Problem? – Formulus Black Briefing Note

When the CPU needs data, the role of the storage system is to transfer information into main memory so the CPU can process it. The memory channels between the CPU and main memory is very fast and the number of

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For SDS on NAS, Hardware Matters – iXsystems Briefing Note

A well established concept in the Network Attached Storage (NAS) market is Software Defined Storage (SDS). SDS is tailor-made for NAS, as a file system is, after all, a software construct and it should run on any hardware. While SDS

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ChalkTalk Video: Maximizing the Potential of NVDIMM Storage Class Memory with Software Defined Memory

Delivering Real-time Application Performance Without Breaking the Bank Traditional flash storage provided a much-needed performance boost to legacy applications. There is a new breed of real-time applications however that are demanding even lower latencies and higher throughput. Delivering a real-time

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How NVDIMM Can Protect Flash SSD Appliances

As Storage Switzerland discussed in two articles recently flash based appliances are particularly vulnerable to power failures. This vulnerability is related to the way these appliances use DRAM to buffer writes and to store meta data tables. DRAM is volatile,

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How to Solve the SSD Endurance Problem

As the storage medium for main memory DRAM is where the processing work gets done in application servers. It’s generally the fastest mass produced data storage area available and can support the nearly unlimited cycle of writes and overwrites that

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