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Overcoming the Storage Challenges of Hyperscale Data Centers – Excelero Briefing Note

A hyperscale data center may have hundreds of instances of multiple applications. At any point in time one of these instances may peak and demand a much higher than normal amount of CPU and storage IO, starving other instances and

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Special Podcast: What does Converged, Hyperconverged, Hybrid Cloud, etc… Really Mean?

Storage Switzerland will tackle one of the biggest challenges facing IT professionals today during a special podcast. We explain what vendors mean when they use terms like converged, hyperconverged, hybrid cloud, instant recovery, continuous data protection, the list goes on.

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ChalkTalk Video: Maximizing the Potential of NVDIMM Storage Class Memory with Software Defined Memory

Delivering Real-time Application Performance Without Breaking the Bank Traditional flash storage provided a much-needed performance boost to legacy applications. There is a new breed of real-time applications however that are demanding even lower latencies and higher throughput. Delivering a real-time

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Briefing Note: Is it time to Hyper-converge Backups?

Convergence and hyper-convergence are two concepts that have proven to be very popular with data centers, allowing them to shorten implementation times and in some cases condense the IT stack to simplify operations and support. But these concepts have mostly

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Briefing Note: Asigra Converges Data Protection without lowering expectations

As we discussed in our article “Service Level Objectives What do RPO, RTO, VRO and GRO Mean?” enterprises need, and now are beginning, to demand a broad spectrum of data protection options to match different use cases. For example, the

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Ten IT Trends for 2015 from HDS and StorageSwiss

In a recent webinar Storage Switzerland  Founder, George Crump, and HDS CTO, Hu Yoshida, discussed 10 IT Trends for 2015. A theme of this list was the importance of “business-defined IT” and the specific technologies that are coming to support

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Analyst Blog: What are Converged Infrastructures? Part 1 – Hardware Convergence

Every so often it makes sense to take a step back and attempt to define the terms that we in the industry use to describe the approaches we take to solving customer problems. One of those is “converged architectures”. When

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Converged vs Hyperconverged Infrastructure

IT organizations are increasingly coming under pressure to deliver business application services with the same speed and agility as their public cloud counterparts. The bottom line is if IT can’t be responsive to the needs of the business, they may

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SlideShare – Is Convergence right for you? – 4 questions to ask

Data centers of all sizes are looking for ways to increase the return on investment on their virtualized (desktop and server) infrastructures. Converged infrastructures propose to increase ROI by reducing the number of layers, essentially combining compute, storage and networking

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How does your Hyperconverged Solution store Data?

As we discussed in our recent webinar, “Is Convergence Right for You?“, converged or hyperconverged architectures can come in various forms, ranging from a bundle of multiple vendor’s hardware and software, to a software only – bring your own server

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