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ChalkTalk Video: Using the 3-2-1 Rule To Protect Against Ransomware

Protection in the modern data center is changing. IT must provide backup to disk and an instant recover capability to meet the recovery expectations of application owners. But this rapid protection also puts data at risk to a ransomware attack.

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Flash can’t Flatten Storage

At the FujiFilm Global IT Executive Summit there was a lot of discussion about data management and making sure the right data is on the right storage tier at the right time. Data management has been a core IT function

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Global IT Executive Summit – Blending Tape into Your Archive Strategy

It comes as no surprise to IT professionals that data is growing and 90 percent of that growth is unstructured data. Users will not access 80 percent of that unstructured data after 90 days. It simply does not make sense

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Global IT Executive Summit – Overcoming The Tape Negatives

Each year FujiFilm sponsors the Global IT Executive Summit. This year’s event is in Boston. The focus is, of course, tape, and its goal is to convince IT professionals that tape is alive and well. Let’s be clear, Storage Switzerland’s

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Tape vs Cloud for Archive and Cold Data

As my colleague, George Crump, discussed in a previous article, “What is Better than Cloud Storage for Cold Data”, cloud storage is great for processing active data but becomes increasingly expensive for storing cold data that is seldom accessed. While

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How Tape Protects Data Integrity

In a previous article, “What is Tape? – A History and a Future”, we examined some of the basics of tape technology, past and present. We saw how new developments in the electromagnetic coatings used on tapes has resulted in

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StorageSwiss sits down with MLB Network’s Asset Management group

Case Study – Major League Baseball’s 24/7 Cable TV Network Pushes IT to Extremes Major League Baseball (MLB) has been around since 1869. The first televised game was in 1939 and 70 years later, MLB Network was launched on January

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Briefing Note: Asigra Converges Data Protection without lowering expectations

As we discussed in our article “Service Level Objectives What do RPO, RTO, VRO and GRO Mean?” enterprises need, and now are beginning, to demand a broad spectrum of data protection options to match different use cases. For example, the

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StrongBox Archive NAS solves problem of Long-term Unstructured Data Storage

Unstructured data is burying companies’ storage infrastructures. According to Gartner, files comprise 80 percent of all data, and its growth rate in enterprises will exceed 800% in five years. Compounding this problem is the need to store these data for

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