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Flash can’t Flatten Storage

At the FujiFilm Global IT Executive Summit there was a lot of discussion about data management and making sure the right data is on the right storage tier at the right time. Data management has been a core IT function

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Global IT Executive Summit – Blending Tape into Your Archive Strategy

It comes as no surprise to IT professionals that data is growing and 90 percent of that growth is unstructured data. Users will not access 80 percent of that unstructured data after 90 days. It simply does not make sense

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The role of Tape in Primary Storage Data Protection

Recently I discussed how primary storage, thanks to the use of replication and snapshots, can take a larger role in the data protection and application recovery process. We call this the “Primary Storage Data Protection Strategy”. But, to be effective,

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Identifying Tape As Production Workloads

I recently attended the Fujifilm annual Global IT Summit in Houston featuring CIO and IT executives from around the world. At the summit the subject of using tape in production came up. While we spend most of the time using

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