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ChalkTalk Video: How to Scale Up and Scale Out Backup

Organizations are asked to store unprecedented amounts of data. Protection of this data to a secondary storage device and replicating it off-site is critical. For most organizations, the capacity requirements of secondary data, data used for backups and other purposes,

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Hybrid IT Changes Disaster Recovery

It used to be that organizations consolidated all data into one location. All a disaster recovery planner had to do, which was still no easy task, was get that data backed up and get a copy sent to an off-site

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SlideShare: Three Reasons Why Object Storage is the Best Defense against Ransomware Attacks

Backups, by themselves, are not an effective defense against a ransomware attack. The systems that store backup data also require protection, but backup storage is as vulnerable to a ransomware attack as production data, if not more so. If both

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Managing Data to Manage Ransomware

One of the reasons that data centers are so vulnerable to ransomware attacks is the amount of data that remains accessible on production storage. The reality is that most of this data does not need to be there. Investing in

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