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Creating a Ransomware Recovery Plan in 2020

Recently, Storage Switzerland participated in a 2020 predictions webinar with iland and Veeam, which is now available on demand. Unlike other predictions webinars, our webinar gave IT-specific ways to overcome whatever the problem the prediction pinpointed One of those predictions

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Take “Create DR Plan” OFF of Your 2020 Project Goals

If disaster strikes, the purpose of a disaster recovery plan (DRP) is to guide the available IT personnel through the process of recovering the data center, either at an alternate site owned by the company or a facility owned by

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Overcoming The Cloud Goldilocks Problem – iland Briefing Note

When an organization decides to begin its cloud journey, one of the biggest challenges is trying to find a cloud provider that is the right fit. Typically, the IT planner has to choose from the mega-cloud providers like Amazon AWS,

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