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Cloud Backup: Integrate or Rip and Replace?

An ideal use case for the cloud is for backup. It automatically creates an offsite copy; most cloud providers automatically replicate that backup to another cloud region, and now some providers offer disaster recovery services. One of the upfront challenges

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Developing a Practical Cloud Strategy for Traditional Data Centers

Many organizations want to develop a cloud strategy, but most don’t know where to begin. As a result, the organization stumbles into the cloud, often starting with using the cloud as a secondary backup storage area, with the hope that

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Mergers and Data Protection – The Cost of Doing Nothing

One of the most significant challenges when two organizations merge is what to do with the data protection process. In all likelihood, before the merger, each organization had its data protection practices and policy. The overwhelming tendency is to do

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SlideShare: Overcoming the Five Distributed Data Protection Challenges

One of the biggest challenges facing IT today is how to effectively protect data distributed between offices and across clouds. Companies with remote and branch locations, and newly merged organizations are all at risk of losing their critical data or

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Live Webinar: Moving the Enterprise Backup to the Cloud – A Step-By-Step Guide

Making sure everything in the data center is properly protected is a common struggle that all data centers face. The cloud, cloud backup, seems like an answer to all those struggles. But, how exactly does IT make the conversion from

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Protecting the VMware Only Data Center – Unitrends Briefing Note

Today, companies that make up the “M” part of small to medium sized businesses (SMB) as well as small enterprises, have data centers that are 100% or close to 100% virtualized, leveraging VMware as their hypervisor. There are no “teams”

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The Hub Problem with Distributed Backup

Protecting data at remote offices and distributed data centers is challenging to say the least. Typically, organizations try to implement backup locally by installing a backup server and some disk or tape. IT then tries to manage the process remotely

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