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StorageShort: The Recovery Paradox – Close Copy vs. Far

One of the challenges to designing a successful disaster recovery solution is where to keep copies of your data. A close copy allows for a rapid recovery in the event of a failure since it is seconds away. But in

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How Do You End Ransomware?

Here we go again. Friday, a ransomware attack hit the England’s National Health Care System. And according to sources they are paying! Once again we are rewarding bad behavior. The only way to end ransomware is to dry up its

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Best Next Steps for the Hybrid Cloud

Companies that are deciding to leverage a hybrid cloud infrastructure have a number of options available to them that others do not. But since the concept of hybrid cloud is still so new, it’s not always obvious what the choices

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Dell EMC Integrate DRaaS to Data Protection Portfolio

Organizations that count on EMC’s data protection software that also want DRaaS don’t have to consider switching to another solution. At Dell EMC World 2017, the company announced Data Domain Cloud DR. Disaster Recovery as a Service (DRaaS) leverages the

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Is Mutual Mystification Part of your Disaster Recovery Plan?

It is impossible for all applications to be recovered instantly with no data loss after a disaster. But that is exactly what users expect. We find in some organizations IT avoids having the necessary conversation that brings users and application

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ChalkTalk Video: What is Cloud Based Copy Data Management?

Cloud based copy data management (CDM) has the potential to extract even more value from copy data than does conventional CDM solutions. Copy data is the copies of production data used to feed various other processes in the data center

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SlideShare: Cut Disaster Recovery Expenses – Improve Recovery Times

4 steps for more affordable, effective disaster recovery Disaster Recovery is an expensive proposition. But since the consequences of not being prepared for a disaster are so severe, it is an expense that organizations make. But that’s not to say

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