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Speed is Critical For Ransomware Recovery

Speed of recovery from any disaster is always important, but it is most critical in terms of recovering from a ransomware attack. Most ransomware fees are typically a few thousand dollars, and are rarely more than $20,000. For the organization,

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Can The Storage Channel Solve The Cloud Storage Latency Problem

While cloud storage has plenty of benefits, its biggest weakness, latency, keeps it from receiving full adoption. The solution may be found in a group of businesses that many think cloud storage replaces, storage resellers. If they can solve the

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StorageShort: What Services Should MSPs Add To Their Portfolios?

Managed Service Providers (MSP) are under pressure to add more services to their portfolios. Most started with backup and now are looking to add services like application hosting and virtual desktop as a service. Not only are these services complicated

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What Should MSPs Do After Backup?

Managed service providers are invaluable leading organizations to the cloud. But most excel in one area; backup. Some MSPs are adding disaster recovery as a service (DRaaS). But there are two other areas where data centers (potential customers) continue to

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How to Prepare for the Next WannaCry

WannaCry was a wakeup call. New ransomware strains are now appearing every week because ransomware is a profitable “business.” There will be another attack and the chances of your organization being infected are high. The time is now to take

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How to Make DR Testing Less Painful

While every IT professional will admit that it is important, disaster recovery testing generally falls to the bottom of the IT to do list, right after root canal. But if testing is not a key component, the process of creating

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Webinar: What’s Next in Storage for Managed Service Providers?

How to Move Beyond Backup, to DRaaS, Copy Data Management and Primary Storage The cloud has brought both risk and reward to MSPs. In today’s hybrid cloud world, MSPs must deliver consumption-based, private and public cloud offerings to their clients.

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