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How to Tame Data and Storage Sprawl with a Cross-Cloud Data Fabric

Over the last decade, the modern data center has evolved into a complex, virtualized environment that hosts many different types of applications ranging from legacy applications to new next-gen applications, while also struggling to securely store, manage, and monetize the

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ChalkTalk Video: Best Next Steps for Hybrid Cloud

The first step to the cloud, for most organizations, is backup. They use the cloud as either the primary or secondary backup target, essentially leverage cloud storage as a giant data dumping ground. But this use case totally ignores something

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What is Hybrid DRaaS

Disaster Recovery as a Service (DRaaS) outsources the typical DR process to a cloud provider so when a data center loss event occurs an organization can re-start their critical applications in the provider’s cloud. DRaaS saves an organization the cost

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Live Webinar: Optimizing Flash Storage for SQL Databases

Is your flash system up to the challenge? For many organizations, Microsoft SQL is the heartbeat of the business and IT professionals are under pressure to increase performance, reduce costs and improve protection. Storage vendors will point you toward flash.

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How IT can Leverage its Own Big Data for Operational Efficiency

OpsDataStore Briefing Note One of the most practical use cases of big data analytics is the analysis of data that the organization is already generating, typically in the form of log file examination, which yields impressive results (most notably in

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How Do You Protect An All-Flash Array?

Technically, an organization can protect a new all-flash array the same way it protects its current hard drive based array – use backup software to access the hypervisor, have it trigger a snapshot and then backup all the blocks that

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