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Purpose-Built Backup is Not Just About Look and Feel

Purpose-built backup is backup software designed to protect a specific application, environment, or data set. An example of a purpose-built backup solution is HYCU Software’s Backup and Recovery, which initially focused on protecting Nutanix Acropolis, expanded to cover VMware ESX,

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Purpose-Built versus Consolidated Backup

The number of data protection applications designed to back up a specific application or environment is increasing dramatically. These purpose-built backup applications have an almost unfair advantage over legacy solutions and customers seem more than willing to deal with the

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New White Paper: Simplifying Multi-Cloud Data Protection

Organizations are already multi-cloud. They almost always have an on-premises cloud that leverages virtualization like VMware or Nutanix AHV. They also typically have some cloud-native applications or have the desire to migrate some applications to the cloud. Data protection continues

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Wolves in Sheep’s Clothing? Beware of Backup Software Claiming to provide Cloud Data Management

Organizations are already multi-cloud. They often have a cloud-like infrastructure on-premises like VMware or Nutanix. They may also have cloud-native applications based on SQL, SAP HANA or PostgreSQL. Even if the organization doesn’t have a cloud-native application, they may want

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Does Cloud-Native Mean Cloud Protected?

As organizations migrate applications to the cloud, they sometimes assume that data protection is built-in to the service. However, what cloud service providers offer is high availability and durability, not backup. But organizations, whether their applications are in the cloud

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15 Minute Webinar: Do You Really Need to Consolidate Backup?

IT Professionals have been on a life-long mission to find a backup solution that can do everything. The goal is to back up the entire data center to a single backup target, all controlled by a single application. Is it

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Meet The CEO: HYCU, Inc’s Simon Taylor

Backup and Recovery is as old as the data center itself, but organizations still struggle with the process. IT professionals have tried many solutions to solve their data protection solutions, and the market is full of options, but none seem

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Protecting the Multi-Cloud Data Center Without Losing Your Mind

Multi-cloud isn’t a future architecture, it is a reality right now. Organizations have on-premises clouds (virtualized infrastructures) and are hosting applications in multiple cloud providers. The problem is the multi-cloud situation these organizations find themselves in is ad-hoc, not part

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HYCU Integrates with Nutanix Mine

Streamlined and More Flexible HCI for Backup In a world of infrastructure and application sprawl, consolidation is becoming a popular topic to reduce complexity and costs. We have seen steps forward in production environments, driven in no small part by

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How to Backup Google Cloud SQL – HYCU Briefing Note

Each of the major cloud providers, Amazon, Google and Azure, provide SQL as a service. While these providers offer data protection, that protection is more for high availability (HA) rather than backup. Most cloud providers leverage replication to protect against

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